5 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Can Never Stick To A Fitness Routine

by Logan May

I'm going to get very real for a second about fitness and health: There's no special secret to it.

There isn't a “perfect” diet. You will not find motivation solely from social media, and your motivation won't always be there.

That sounds daunting, but it's true.

I've fallen into the traps. I've tried quick fixes, crash diets and working out way too hard while not eating enough.

In my adult life, I have never been able to maintain a “healthy” lifestyle. I always ended up giving up, calling it quits and just going with the flow.

It wasn't that I was doing anything wrong, but I also wasn't really doing it right.

After several personal setbacks I won't bore you with, I realized that every time something goes wrong in my life, fitness is my outlet.

Whether it's a way for me to let out my anger, soothe my anxiety or rediscover the confidence within myself, working out always makes me feel better.

So before you enter into the “fit” life, ask yourself the following questions:

Can you maintain what you're doing?

Like I mentioned above, this is a crucial element of a healthy lifestyle.

If you're working out two times a day, every day, you'll find yourself exhausted and burnt out.

If you're drinking a shake in the morning and counting every single calorie, you're going to binge on pizza or cookies and end up feeling terrible.

I'm not saying that two-a-days are bad overall or that counting calories isn't good for your health.

However, if you find yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed by your routine, it might be worth taking another look at.

I recommend picking one element at a time.

For example, if you're wanting to make a dietary change, cut out your dessert after dinner. Don't go on a huge grocery store adventure, throw out every single “bad” food, and isolate yourself from enjoying food. You'll hate it, trust me!

Are you doing it for the right reasons?

It's easy to get mesmerized by all of the fit chicks on Instagram and social media. I do, too!

But — and this is a big BUT — social media is not necessarily a realistic portrayal of someone's life. It's their highlight reel.

Don't make a lifestyle change to become someone else. It's unrealistic, and you have no idea what is actually going on behind the scenes.

Fitness is definitely “trendy” right now. And while I think this is an awesome thing, remember that trends fade away, and you want to stay committed to YOUR goals and not someone else's.

Do you have the right people surrounding you?

You must have the right people around you if you want to keep your eye on the prize.

It is going to be DAMN hard to stay on the grind and stick to your schedule if you're constantly surrounded by people who don't respect it or align with your same goals.

I have realized that saying, “no” to plans is essential when I'm trying to stay focused. It's never been too terribly difficult since I'm a homebody by nature, but I do pick and choose my outings.

I'm not saying to never have fun, but keep in mind that the company you keep is essential to your progress.

Are you keeping it simple?

It is absolutely terrifying for anyone to start or stick to something when there are 100 different elements included, like supplements, protein powders, HIIT workouts, cardio, etc.

Don't let all of that freak you out.

It is simpler than you think. Stick to your proteins, veggies and “real” foods, and move your body. Get enough sleep.

You don't have to be an expert to get in shape and be healthy.

Are you having fun?

Are you? Fitness is meant to be fun, inspiring and motivating!

My favorite part of my day is when I hit the gym. That might make me seem super lame, but I make it fun for myself. I enjoy throwing the weights around.

I also make time for the foods I love. I eat pizza and doughnuts. I give myself days off.

There's no reason not to do that. One bad meal will not hinder your goals.

Looking at foods as “good” or “bad” is not the way to go. Just don't go crazy!

More than anything, stay true to who you are what inspires you. You can't go wrong with that.