20 Products To Help You Deal With Homesickness Whenever It Hits
20 Products To Help With Homesickness

The struggle is real.

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Home isn’t always the place you currently live; sometimes, it’s wherever you feel most comfortable — like in your hometown’s local coffee shop — or where you feel most comforted — like snuggled up with your loved ones on the couch while marathoning old faves on Netflix. So when you move into a dorm room or your first apartment in a different city, it can be a seriously emotional experience because your true home is suddenly miles away. As excited as you may be about this new chapter, the FOMO can come in waves. What are my besties doing without me? Why is my mom not answering the phone? Since FaceTiming your lifelong besties or booking flights to see your family isn’t always possible, there are plenty of comforting products you can buy to help you deal with homesickness whenever that next wave hits.

Depending on who or what you’re missing, a candle that transports you back to your hometown, a stress-relieving cup of tea, or even a nostalgic dad hat can make a huge difference. That’s why Elite Daily’s team of editors and writers curated a list of creative and helpful items to combat homesickness. Missing your friends, hometown, family, and pets won’t completely go away — but you can make it a little easier.

When You’re Missing Your Friends

When you’re in need of a pep talk or a pick-me-up, Letters To Open When has letter prompts for different occasions that your friends can fill out. I exchanged these letters with my best friends before our first year of college, and it was so comforting reading their words in their handwriting when I was feeling lonely or lost. It felt like they were right there with me. — Jess Ferguson, lifestyle editorial intern

Hang up photos of you with your BFFs, and it’ll feel like you’re right there with them. I created an entire gallery wall with my custom Mixtiles. They were so easy to hang with their adhesive backing, and they are perfect for rental spaces, since they leave no holes. — Jess Ferguson, lifestyle editorial intern

These gold stacking rings are a super cute reminder that you’re not just besties with your sorority friends, but *sisters* forever, even if they’ve moved away. Plus, you’ll actually want to wear these — they’re so chic and minimalistic, and I love how subtle the Greek lettering is. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

Friendship bracelets are nothing new, but for me, they scream peak Y2K. My friends and I always made them ourselves, but we'd eventually lose them because they weren't great quality and didn't tie well. The options from Little Words Project are so much better because of the HQ beading and more modern color selection. This one, in particular, is giving Taylor Swift's Lover meets Midnights. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style

These friendship lamps may be a bit of a splurge, but they’re so worth it. Just tap on the lamp whenever you’re thinking of your BFF, and it’ll light up on their end. And they can do the same for you. It’s a reminder they’re always there — like a bestie bat signal. — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

When You’re Missing Your Hometown

You may be feeling more hometown pride now that you’ve moved away. Even if you couldn’t care less about football growing up, you may want to sport an NFL dadcore hat as a way to show your appreciation for your roots. I personally have a few Florida-themed hats I stole from my dad that I wear around when I’m missing home. — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

When you can't be there to witness your hometown's skyline in person, toasting to it with a glass that features your cityscape on it feels like the next best option. (Plus, wine!) I don't live too far from New York City these days, but these glasses always make me feel nostalgic for when I could see the Empire State Building outside my window. — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

Homesick’s candles are one of the best ways to evoke a certain place or memory using scent. They have candles for every U.S. state, as well as certain domestic and international cities, giving you the power to bring the familiar smells of your hometown to you just with the light of a match. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

Coordinates are always a subtle but significant way to symbolize a place that's special to you, and it's even better when it's in the form of chic jewelry. I love wearing this gold-plated bar necklace to remind me of home wherever I am. — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

Not everyone's hometown is based in one of the 50 states. For cute trinkets that are a bit more broad with their imagery, consider the jewelry in MadeByKwest's Continent Collection. It features necklaces, rings, and earrings from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style

When You’re Missing Your Family

Getting letters in the mail from my parents always helped me feel better when I was away at college. There’s just something about snail mail. Bonus: These wooden cards make cute dorm decor and can be personalized with a handwritten note from your family engraved into the wood. — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

When I’m feeling homesick, I turn to comfort. I rewatch my favorite TV shows, get snuggly under a blanket, and make myself a cup of warm tea. It reminds me of my mom making me tea when I’m not feeling well. This Sister Sister tea has a stress-relieving blend of mints, rose petals, and cinnamon. — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

As a foodie, one of the hardest parts about moving away from home was no longer having the meals I grew up eating. My mom sent me a super cute recipe binder with a few of my faves filled out, and I still call her for updates or for new recipes. These are also great if you want to cop recipes from your new roommates or friends. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

I tell my family just about everything, but when I’m not physically around them, that becomes a little more difficult. I’ve found that journaling can be helpful to talk about how I’m feeling, what I’m hopeful for, and points of gratitude. This journal is especially great if you’re a journaling newbie. — Jess Ferguson, lifestyle editorial intern

Though it might be a bit more $$$ than you’re used to spending, the Lovebox is worth it because it's so unique. Rather than send your parents a simple text, you can send them a more thoughtful message, full of pics, stickers, and cute drawings when you miss them. It’s still just as instant, and each note will put a smile on all your faces. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style

When You’re Missing Your Pets

As the owner of a rescue dog, I’ve found there’s a unique bond between owners and their pups. If you’re going on a walk or on a trip without your furry friend, having this bottle in hand is a sweet tribute to this special relationship. — Jess Ferguson, lifestyle editorial intern

If your dog or cat is also your fur baby, a paw print kit is a must for a personalized display. Not only is this kit pretty inexpensive and easy to use, but it’s also so easy to customize by painting it or turning it into an ornament. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor

This ceramic mixing bowl set embossed with “cat mom” is the perfect way to integrate your fur baby into your home decor. The cookie cutters are a cute way to elevate your baked goods, and the cat silhouettes are an adorable, minimalistic touch. If you can’t be with your kitty, this set is the purrfect way to think about them. — Jess Ferguson, lifestyle editorial intern

Custom dog and cat portraits from Etsy are a game changer for pet parents. I have a little section on my wall that is filled with paintings of my cat, and it’s a cute way to incorporate her into my home. Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter. — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

When you’re missing cuddles with your dog, a custom pillow of your BFF (aka best fur friend) is the next best thing. These pet pillows look super realistic and will make you feel like your squishy angel is right there on the couch with you. — Lara Walsh, associate experiences editor