6 Small But Crucial "Mistakes" You May Be Making After Your Workout

by Georgina Berbari

Everyone knows the feeling after a kickass workout is simply unbeatable.

You feel strong AF, the endorphins are pumping, and TBH, you're pretty much unstoppable.

But you've probably heard the majority of your progress isn't all about what goes on inside the weight room; it's also about the decisions you make post-workout.

Personal trainer Greer Rothermel says what you do right after a workout is just as important as what you do before preparing your body for exercise.

She tells Elite Daily,

Many people hit the gym and book it out the door after, neglecting to make sure their body is going to recover properly.

As tempting as it is to head out the door immediately after your HIIT circuit, you may just be sabotaging all the hard work you put in.

Here are six small, but easily fixable mistakes that will make your #GymGains totally worthwhile.

1. Cutting Out The Cool Down

So, you just finished a killer cardio sesh.

You kind of just want to stop the treadmill and take a nap right there on the gym floor, don't you?

While you may have an overwhelming desire to face-plant into a pool of your own hard-earned sweat, science says when you stop exercising suddenly, your heart rate can slow a bit too abruptly.

This can cause blood to pool in your lower body, leading to dizziness, and possibly even fainting.

Take time to cool down by walking for a few minutes on the treadmill or actively stretching after a HIIT workout.

2. Slacking On Stretching

Rothermel tells Elite Daily one of the biggest mistakes people make post-workout is forgetting to stretch:

Stretching is important because it allows your muscles to rebuild, grow, and get stronger -- allowing you to get the full benefit from your efforts in the gym.  Stretching after exercise also relaxes your muscles, helps aid in circulation, and helps your body rid itself of waste products (lactic acid), which helps alleviate muscle soreness.

Take a moment after your workout routine to slow it down and stretch it out. Your body will thank you, and TBH, doesn't it just feel so good?

3. Not Getting The Right Nutrients

Proper nutrition is imperative for muscle repair.

You know when you can't even sit on the toilet because you're just that sore from leg day?

A combo of complex carbs and protein could cut that recovery time completely in half.

My personal fav is a peanut butter banana sandwich, but I won't tell you how to live your life.

4. Sitting In The Sweat

Listen, I feel you. I kind of want to live in my yoga pants, too.

But keeping your sweaty leggings on hours after hot yoga could lead to uncomfortable yeast infections and bacteria build-up.

Enough said. An itchy vagina is basically hell on Earth.

Pack an extra pair of Lulus to keep your body clean and bacteria-free.

5. Dehydration Nation

Water is your BFF at this crucial time, and not enough of it can lead to some major post-workout fatigue.

Rothermel explains,

It's important to make sure you rehydrate to replenish the fluids you lost while working out. This refuels your muscles to prevent your body from getting dehydrated and aids in recovery.

Drink up, baby!

6. Heading To Happy Hour

It's been a long week, but you just managed to make it from work to your Pilates class, and now you're in serious need of an ice-cold drink.

I hate to burst your bubble, but that spicy marg just won't cut it if you're looking for quality post-workout fuel.

Drinking alcohol immediately after a workout dehydrates your body, ups your risk of blood clots, and hinders overall muscle recovery.

Save the sangria until at least an hour after your sweat sesh.

After that, treat yo'self, girl. You deserve it.