If You're Feeling Anxious, This Playlist Will Help Calm Your Nerves

Something about the beginning of the week in the wintertime is particularly depressing.

You have way too many days of work in front of you and, on top of that, the freezing cold weather makes it hard to make weeknight plans since everyone (yourself included) just wants to stay inside with wine and Netflix.

I find myself particularly anxious at the beginning of the week. I have emails to answer, articles to write and real-life responsibilities to worry about like grocery shopping, laundry and not blowing my entire paycheck on a J. Crew sale (or Anthropologie, depending on the week).

Luckily, there are tons of ways to deal with anxiety. From getting enough exercise and sleep to having more sex, you definitely have your options -- but one super easy way to squash it is with music.

We called upon playlist master and New York-based trainer Jason Tran to put together the perfect anxiety-busting playlist, and he seriously pulled it off.

What are you waiting for? Press play.

Here's to an awesome, stress-free week.