16 Personal Trainers Admit What They're Really Thinking While On The Job


When you think of your personal trainer (or maybe just one of the personal trainers wandering around your gym), you probably think of a super confident, crazy-fit guy or gal, right?

That's probably true of some trainers -- but certainly not all.

Some trainers eat fast food, others worry about their bodies and some are just flat-out frustrated.

Skeptical? Below, check out what personal trainers are actually thinking on the job.

1. Be wary of the latest fitness crazes.

2. About that fast-food habit you need to kick...

3. Real talk: Trainers change lives.

 4. Just a heads-up.

5. So, about all that complaining you do... stop, please.

6. You have to want it really, really badly.

7. You never know what's going on with someone.

 8. The smile makes it worth it.

9. You should probably stop ignoring all that advice your doctor gives you.

10. Oops.

11. You gotta have some kind of guidance.

12. Trainers are people, too!

13. Yep, your trainer worries about sounding creepy.

14. Here's one I didn't expect.

15. Who knew this was even a thing?!

 16. Excuses, excuses.

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