New Research Says Crushing On Your Personal Trainer Might Improve Your Workout

by Georgina Berbari

Raise your hand if you've ever been hit on at the gym. Or, maybe you're the one doing the flirting -- in which case, I'm not judging, those endorphins can make you feel pretty damn daring, TBH. Whether that creepy dude insists on "helping you with your form" (please, let me do my squats in peace), or you're crushing on your personal trainer as you two work together to strengthen your core, the gym can sometimes turn into a potential mating arena.

And, believe it or not, the effects that flirting can have on your body are actually pretty similar to the sensations you might experience during an intense HIIT circuit or sweaty sprint sesh.

Approaching someone you're into leads to a natural euphoria because your body releases something called phenylethylamine, which causes you to feel giddy, happy, and almost high, TBH. Combine that with the surge of adrenaline that often comes with flirting, and you'll find yourself sweaty AF before you even have a chance to hop on the rowing machine next to the dude you're chatting up.

From adrenaline-induced flushed cheeks to the sexually charged trigger of your sweat glands, flirting and flexing really do go hand-in-hand to produce some seriously feel-good hormones and energy-boosting endorphins.

So if you're a little embarrassed to admit to crushing on your personal trainer, seriously, don't be.

Science really does have your back on this one. A recent study surveyed 1,000 fitness fanatics about their experiences with flexing and flirting, and the results were surprisingly really positive. The research revealed that just being in the presence of a personal trainer who you find attractive will persuade you to squeeze in that sweat sesh on the reg.

Yup, you don't even have to sign up for their services -- just admire your crush from afar to get that extra boost of energy. I don't know about you, but I can definitely get down with that.

Furthermore, people who fantasized about a trainer during burpees or sumo squats exercised more frequently, and for longer intervals.

Bottom line: Crushing on a trainer, even if they're not your own, could majorly boost your #GymGains. And mixing crushes with cardio could possibly even lead to a longer-term romance.

According to the research, two in three people ended up hooking up with a person they approached in the gym. For more than 60 percent of people surveyed, flirtatious advances at the gym turned into a full-fledged date later on. And, for nearly one in four flirtatious fitness fanatics, hitting on someone mid sweat-sesh actually blossomed into a long-term relationship.

Anyone else smell a new dating app in the works here?

So, the next time you have a crush on your sexy personal trainer who may or may not be Jon Snow's doppleganger, just go for it, girl.

After all, science says so.