Pasta Eaters Are Actually Thinner, And Everything Is Right With The World

by Emily Arata
Columbia Pictures

Growing up as a swarthy Italian child, there are only two things you definitely know to be true: You will one day grow into a slim, curvaceous bombshell, and your mother will absolutely serve lasagna for Sunday dinner. Interestingly, those two things turn out to be related.

Newly published research spanning 23,000 participants and two studies shows a correlation between svelte Italians and pasta eating, proving a world of pasta-hating healthy people wrong. The study found there is no correlation between pasta and high body mass index (BMI). In fact, the more pasta the participants in the study ate, the lower their BMI tended to be.

Somewhat hilariously, Google translates the press release's Italian title as, "The pasta is not fattening, indeed." That pretty much sums it all up.

According to the team, pasta eaters are more likely to go on the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, which focuses on healthy fats, oils, fresh vegetables and whole grains. This leads to a lower risk of obesity, particularly in the abdomen. It's also related to a healthier hip-to-waist ratio, as well as a smaller waist.

What's that? Pasta not only keeps you thin but it also keeps your stomach flat? This is a glorious day, indeed. Italian movie star Sophia Loren once famously stated, “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti,” and it turns out she's never been more correct.

The team adds that while totally skipping out on pasta is a poor decision, moderation is still wise. Italians aren't exactly downing Olive Garden-sized plates of fettuccine Alfredo. Instead, they're plating 3 ounces or less of the tasty noodles at a time. Plus, the LA Times reports it's more likely to be a first course than a main dish.

Based on those rules, you could be eating rigatoni for lunch every single day, just as long as it's followed by salad. Plus, you know, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Just do everything you thought you were supposed to in order to stay thin, but add a tiny bit of pasta. This is a beautiful world we live in, honestly.

Who's down to grab precisely three ravioli for lunch?

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