Science Says This Diet Is Apparently The Healthiest Way To Lose Weight

by Talia Koren
Marti Sans

It might sound counterintuitive, but fat is actually good for you. And eating more of it can help you lose weight.

A recent study shows that the Mediterranean Diet, which is full of vegetable-based healthy fats from olive oil, fish and nuts is one of the best diets for weight loss.

This study had three groups of adults. For five years, two groups ate a high-fat diet with either olive oil or nuts and one group ate a low-fat diet. Scientists found that the groups on a high-fat diet lost more weight and pretty much maintained their waist measurements, while the people on the low-fat diet increased their waist measurements.

Like most diets, sugar, processed meat and red meat aren't part of the Mediterranean diet. But even without that crap we're all addicted to, it's much less limiting than most diets. A Mediterranean diet includes beans, fish, chicken, tofu, vegetables, unprocessed grains and whole wheat bread.

Healthy fat should be 30 percent of your diet, in fact. These healthy fats, called MUFAs, help prevent belly bulge and heart disease. Some great sources of MUFAs other than olive oil and nuts are avocados, sesame seeds and peanut butter.

The other type of healthy fats are called polyunsaturated, which help keep your skin glowing, your mood stable and your immune system strong. You can find them in salmon, flaxseed and tofu.

How do you get in on this diet? It's simple. In the study, participants who lost weight didn't have any red meat, sugary drinks, fast food or butter. They stuck to vegetable-based fats, which you can really incorporate to any meal.

For example, you can add walnuts to oatmeal, cereal or on a salad. You can cook basically anything with olive oil, from a scrambled egg to chicken breast. Or you can make yourself a big ol' Mediterranean salad covered in olive oil.

I can get on board with any diet that's this colorful.

Yup. That's a big chunk of feta right there. Totally cool on the Mediterranean Diet.

A greek salad a day keeps the heart disease and diabetes away, right?

There's a reason people in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea live longer: Their diets help them avoid cancer, heart disease and various other health issues that are common in America.

The Mediterranean diet gets it right: Eating fats keeps you slim. The proof is in the (high-fat, vegetable based) pudding.