Why The Obama-Biden Memes Are Basically Free Therapy For Disappointed Voters

by Rosey Baker

Somewhere out there are the original Obama-Biden meme makers, and we'll never know to fly the flags at half-mast when they die.

It's heartbreaking because whoever these people are, they've given us a laugh when our nation was sorely in need of one.

It begs the question, why are memes so goddamned magical?

I'm no doctor, but I think it comes down to two things, the first of which is laughter.

Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells as well as those helpful, infection-fighting antibodies.

Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins in the same way sex or exercise does. Endorphins are the body's natural feel-good chemicals, and they can actually relieve physical pain and provide a sense of well-being.

The second reason for the healing power of memes? They bring us together culturally.


The word meme is actually defined as "an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation."

So technically, a meme takes a cultural idea and replicates it in the same way that a human gene would.

Then, it goes traveling through the internet spreading laughter and joy, like a viral Santa Claus!

The Obama-Biden memes specifically endowed the politicians we love with our own feelings, voices and reactions, which was comforting to see.

While their hands were tied by politics, we were able to see them saying the same shit we would if we were in their positions.

The meme of Biden filling the room with farts before Trump got to the White House? Deliciously petty.


The meme of Biden holding Obama's hand to freak out Mike Pence? Fantastic.


The meme of Biden hiding all the pens in the White House because "he's bringing his own PENCE?" Please, Biden, just please, be my dad.


So the next time your elders try to meme-shame you, you can just tell them to get off your dick because making memes is doing the Lord's work.