Picking Your Nose Isn't Just Gross, It Can Actually Be Dangerous

by Talia Koren

We all have bad habits that could be potentially dangerous, like nail biting or binge drinking. But a little habit that's gross but seems harmless is actually more dangerous than you think.

I'm talking about nose picking.

According to NYU otolaryngologist Dr. Erich Voigt, picking your nose means also introducing germs, like Staphylococcus aureus, into your body.

That germ specifically lives in the front of your nose, which is fine, but when you pick, things can get messy. Dr. Voigt explains in this Business Insider video,

Picking your nose, causing little abrasions, some blood comes out, [and it's] food for the germs. You can increase the crusting and irritation inside.

Wow. So I guess this already nasty habit just got nastier.

All kids go through a phase where they pick their nose in public -- but let's be honest, no one really stops. People just do it in private.

Or not. Some people don't give AF.

You'd think eating boogers is worse for you than nose picking, but scientists don't think snacking on boogers is actually that bad. Either way, anything involving nose-picking grosses me out. Like writing this story.

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