6 Things To Do Before Noon That Will Make You Happier All Day

by Dayana Aleksandrova

Is there a single soul who enjoys Mondays? I hate Monday mornings, even though I consider myself a morning person.

I have an office job and every week it's the same struggle, trying to make it through the day without dying of boredom and do my best to actually come back to the office after my lunch break.

In that way, the morning is actually essential. It's pretty much the only time I get during workdays to make myself feel good before diving into my to-do lists.

Thankfully, throughout the past months, I've been able to integrate a few small, life-changing hacks to scare away the Monday blues.

Chug some water.

Drinking water used to be one of the hardest things for me.  If you told me I had to chug a whole bottle mere minutes after opening my eyes, I'd tell you to get lost.

Well, science has finally convinced me. I grab a 50-ounce water bottle first thing in the morning and slowly sip on it before noon. End goal is simple: Finish it.

Hydrating is essential for the body and has a ton of benefits, from overall energy increase to weight loss. A study even suggests drinking water can be as good for you as walking over two miles. Sign me up!

I love to drink water on an empty stomach because that's the easiest way to avoid overeating and develop an appetite for healthy food.

Have some productive coffee time.

Let's be real, coffee is essential to the feel-good morning mix. I used to make it at home, but now I go sit at the coffee shop instead.

I allocate 20 minutes to just sit there and read on my phone. I like to check the news, see what Kylie Jenner's been up to, scroll through some picturesque Insta shots and even read short philosophy stories.

Make exercise fun again.

Matthew Kane

I exercise pretty much every day, but I haven't set foot at the gym in six months. I'm dead tired of the treadmill, hate bobbing up and down on the elliptical and sweaty mats gross me out.

Instead, I carry a jump rope and a resistance band in my backpack and hit up a nearby playground right after coffee time. My exercise routine is precisely 33 minutes, with most of that time dedicated to blasting Fall Out Boy, jumping and moving around.

The rest of the time is for stretching and taking a dozen photos of the sunrise. If I've woken up particularly early, I even swing on the swings. Hello, serotonin!

Make yourself smell like a mojito.

I adore facials. Obviously, there isn't enough time for that during the week, so I use an organic scrub and moisturizer that make me feel fresh as hell.

I like this green one -- it smells exactly like a mojito. I rub it all over my face and let it sit while making breakfast.

Feeling fresh is very important for starting off the day right, especially if you lost track of time watching serious drama go down on "The Bachelor" and didn't get enough sleep. Oops.

Eat some avocado toast.

Janis Brandt

Honestly, if it wasn't for breakfast, I probably wouldn't even bother waking up. Starting off the day with a good meal is super important for eating well the rest of the day and not giving in to sugar cravings.

I either go for two eggs with greens and olive oil on the side or avocado and egg on whole-grain toast with a little bit of pesto dressing. My breakfast is always accompanied with a big glass of fresh orange juice.

It gets the energy pumping.

Downward-dog it.

Stretching is a great habit to adopt, especially if you spend the day sitting in a chair.

I spend five minutes doing basic yoga poses to get my blood flowing and prevent that annoying shoulder stiffness that comes from typing for eight hours straight. Foam rolling is amazing, too.

Give these tips a try and who knows? Maybe Monday mornings will become your new favorite time of the week. At the very least, they won't be torture.