5 Easy Breakfasts That Will Revolutionize Your Life And Diet


In the not-so-distant past, healthy eating was chalked up to a thing for hippies, while the rest of us munched on sugary cereal, pre-packaged lunches and Dunkaroos.

With health food stores becoming increasingly mainstream and new ideas constantly being shared online, it is becoming so much easier to eat healthier, well-balanced meals.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stay in shape or improve your energy levels, the benefits to healthy eating are plentiful. You’ll be happier, less stressed and more productive, to boot!

This kind of lifestyle is easier than ever to start up and maintain; you just need to know what to look for.

With just a little knowledge and effort, it’s easy to integrate healthy choices into the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

The first meal of the day is essential for a better functioning metabolism.

If you’re still one of those people who struggles to start the day off right, here are five easy options to get you started.

You’ll be surprised by how quick and easy it is to assemble these amazing jumpstarts to your day.

And, none involve any cooking skills beyond popping some bread in the toaster:

Overnight Oats

These no-cook Mason jar oats have taken Pinterest by storm! To make them, just fill half a jar with quick-cooking oats or museli, cover it with liquid (like almond milk, yogurt or kefir) and let it sit overnight.

In the morning, add fresh fruit, peanut butter, chocolate chips, chia seeds or anything else you'd like!

Pack a spoon and you’re good to go. The flavor combinations are endless, and you won’t get sick of these anytime soon.

Plus, assembling these the night before is a great way to make sure you pack in those energizing nutrients the next day.

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is super trendy right now, and once you make it yourself, you’ll understand the hype with your very first bite.

Try combinations like strawberries and honey, mozzarella and basil, or ricotta cheese and walnuts.

Put another slice of toast on top and eat it like a sandwich if you’re in a real rush.


You can have breakfast ready as soon as you fire up the blender. Try a green smoothie to get those leafy greens in your system first thing.

Blend together spinach, frozen mango, almond-coconut milk, banana and Greek yogurt.

Or, treat yourself to a sweet berry smoothie, replacing other frozen fruit for the spinach and adding a tablespoon of nut butter.

The flavor combinations are abundant, and it’s easy to pack in lots of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients before you even leave your front door. Or, you can pour it into a plastic cup and hit the road.

Yogurt Parfait

Forget those one-serving yogurt cups and get a large tub of yogurt so you can build your own delectable parfait.

Try layering with honey, granola, fresh or frozen fruit and top with nuts or chia seeds.

Don’t fall into the froyo trap of adding too much sugar or chemically-laced toppings.

This is the best way to reclaim yogurt as the healthy dairy product it is at its core.

Almond Butter And Granola Apple Slices

A sliced apple slathered in nut butter and dipped in granola has some serious staying power.

When you’re in a rush, smear some peanut butter or almond butter on a few slices of apple and sprinkle it with toasted coconut.

For a real chocolatey treat, try prepping the night before. Melt semisweet chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler, dip apple slices and roll in almonds or granola.

Let it harden in the fridge overnight for a great morning snack.

Fair warning: These are addicting!