We're More Obsessed With Losing Weight Than Our Phones, New Study Says

by Talia Koren
Guille Faingold

We all have some form of weight or body goal. If it's not a number, it's an image.

I don't have a goal weight, but I won't lie: I would love to be a less-tan version of fitness guru Kayla Itsines.

I'd happily give up things I love like beer, Netflix and even Shake Shack for a year to look like her.

But my phone? I'm not sure.

Well, according to a recent study done by Personal Trainer Food, a diet delivery service, and third-party research from YouGov, some people would.

Before we pull this information apart, let me explain a few things.

According to the 2015 Gallop poll, 49 percent of Americans reported that losing weight is a huge priority for them, which isn't that surprising.

Aside from the daily societal pressures to be slim that we're constantly bombarded with, obesity remains as one of America's biggest health problems.

According to a press release, Personal Food Trainer surveyed 1,315 Americans over the age of 18 this past August to investigate how badly we want to lose weight.

And one in 11 Americans said weight loss is more important to them than their career.

They also found that one of 12 Americans, specifically Millennials, would sacrifice internet use for a whole year to reach their weight-loss goals.

On top of that, one out of eight Millennials reported they would give up their phones for an entire year to hit their goal weight.

This is so interesting because wouldn't people in their early 20s want to keep their phones to show off their progress?

How else could we update our friends and followers on our recent weight-loss successes? Just think about all the missed opportunities to post jaw-dropping before and after photos. 

Isn't part of what makes weight loss so satisfying the fact that we get to prove the haters wrong?

Obviously, it's impossible to make such a trade, in which giving something important up means instantly reaching a goal. That's just not how it works, but damn do we wish that was the case.

Personal Trainer Food has done a lot of digging to find out why Americans are so impatient when it comes to weight loss.

It found 26 percent of Americans quit their diets because they don't see results soon enough. The survey also found that 35 percent of Americans think eating healthy costs too much, while 19 percent don't diet because cooking takes up too much time.

Turns out, we are all way too busy to take care of our bodies. In an age of instant gratification, no one seems to want to put the time, effort and money (even though eating healthy isn't expensive at all) into our health goals.

I guess it's just easier to complain and continue to envy people on Instagram.

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