Lifestyle — This Is How Men And Women Age Differently

Around your mid-20s, you'll start noticing some changes in your body. After a night of drinking, you'll endure multiple-day hangovers that will make you never want to drink again. Your Five Guys diet will turn into a belly that doesn't go away without rigorous exercise. You won't be able to stay awake until bars close, and you'll be totally fine with that.

Whether it's a small wrinkle on your forehead, the appearance of a spider vein on your thigh or a lengthy hangover, the first signs of aging will creep up on you slowly. Eventually, you'll have to face the fact that you, like everyone else, are getting old.

However, the aging processes for men and women are quite different. For example, men's skin ages much slower than women's because their skin is thicker, yet women, on average have much healthier hearts.

There are also some fascinating similarities. Contrary to popular thought, men, like women, have a biological clock and it starts ticking after the age of 40. After that, sperm count and quality drastically decreases, making it much more likely for offspring to be born with genetic defects. On a positive note, in their 60s, men and women often experience a resurgence of creativity.

I know this all seems depressing, but it's important to understand what can happen to your body in each decade of life so that you can take better care of yourself now. While many of these physical changes are unavoidable, the best solution is to make healthy choices early on. How you live in your 20s will permanently affect your health into old age.

This is simply the course of human life. We should actually be grateful that our expiration date is, on average, 79 years of age. Before the 19th century, the average lifespan was 30 years old. Imagine that: People only had 30 years to do everything they wanted.

Now, we have almost 80 years to travel, love, have kids, watch our kids grow up, watch our kids have kids, pick up a new hobby, change our life course or anything else we want to do. If we have to endure some physical changes in order to have these experiences, it's well worth it.

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