This Playlist Is The Perfect Soundtrack For Your Memorial Day

Memorial Day is only a few days away, which means summer is officially here.

Oh, it also means a three-day weekend, which means lots of sleeping, a decent amount of drinking, a really awesome barbecue and hopefully a few good workouts.

Because I know every activity is better when there's music playing, I got in touch with New York-based fitness instructor Jason Tran, who happens to be totally on point when it comes to putting together the perfect playlist for any occasion.

From Justin Timberlake's hit "Can't Stop The Feeling" to a whole lot of Rihanna and even some Zayn, Tran put together the only playlist you need to listen to this weekend -- maybe even this summer -- no matter what your plans are.

As a health writer, I'm personally going to recommend you use this playlist for a long, sweaty run. But hey, if you'd rather use it to fuel your backyard bash, I get that too.

Without further ado, please press play.

Happy Memorial Day! May your day off be filled with beer, hot dogs, friends and perhaps a little exercise.