Travis DesLaurier

This Gorgeous Male Model Gets In Shape Using His Cat As A Gym Buddy

Instagram is a magical place full of good-looking people willfully creating illusions to make their lives look more glamorous and easy than they actually are. And while that usually comes in the form of Beyoncé digitally thinning out her already-perfect thighs, sometimes the dream comes true in the best way: photos of a handsome, deeply-sculpted man working out with his pet cat.

The aforementioned "Magic Mike" lookalike is Travis DesLaurier, a self-described "goofy dude without a shirt." That bio doesn't quite do him justice, though. The tousled, muscular model-meets-construction worker is basically the dream boyfriend you didn't know you needed.

But wait, it gets better. Travis's ginger tomcat, Jacob, is his near-constant companion. Recently, Travis even posted a photo of them working out together in perfect domestic bliss. Prepare your ovaries (or brovaries), and check this out.

Meet Travis, who has more than 600,000 Instagram followers.

Meet Jacob, who only has 12,000 but manages to take selfies without owning opposable thumbs.

They like to bro out together.

Travis messes with Jacob, as all cat owners do to their furry little demons.

Jacob tolerates him, as all cats do with their owners.

Travis cares about his kitty so much, in fact, the male model even got inked in Jacob's honor.

But it takes a lot of effort to keep Travis's body in shape for modeling.

So, they work out together.

During breaks, Travis wears Jacob as a scarf.

The world is a brighter, more beautiful place with these two in it.

You're welcome.

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