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How To Do A Killer Workout With Just Two Chairs

There's always a reason to NOT work out. You didn't sleep well last night. You had a rough day at work. You're just not in the zone.

Yet for many people it comes down to something far more straightforward: Gyms are expensive, and although we know our health is important, it's tough to spend our hard-earned money on a monthly gym membership when we have busy schedules that can interfere with our workout habits.

But the good news is that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get in a good workout. You don't even have to spend a single dollar. In fact, all you need are two chairs. (Yes, it really is that easy!)

Turns out celebrity chef and lifestyle expert Ayesha Curry is just like us and wants to know how to do these simple, two-chair workouts at home, and fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer is here to show all of us how it's done.

Watch and learn as Ayesha and Nicole demonstrate moves like the plank oblique scissor and the forearm booty pumper. These at-home exercises will help improve your balance and tone your lower abs, arms and booty — all without costing you a single dollar.

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