Jennifer Aniston Says This One Thing Helps Her Get A Better Night's Sleep

It's no secret Jennifer Aniston has the whole life thing down.

She still lands awesome acting gigs more than 10 years after the "Friends" finale, she has a super toned bod and she's married to Justin Theroux.

Still, there is one thing she struggles with -- sleep.

In an interview with sleep evangelist Arianna Huffington, Aniston said one trick helped her insomnia quite a bit. She explained,

My one key tip — and actually I feel like it's you who told me this! — is to sleep with my phone at least five feet away from me. That's helped me tremendously.

She added,

I also do a quick meditation before I get into bed, even if it's just for five minutes. There are also some yoga poses that I've found to be quite helpful in relaxing my mind, even if it's just a simple downward dog and some stretching. But the biggest thing is the electronics shutdown, ideally an hour before I turn off the lights. It's really a big deal.

It seems basic, but as someone who struggles with sleep myself, maybe I should take this sleep tip a bit more seriously. I mean, stalking my ex at 2 am is probably something that should stop sooner rather than later.

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Of course, sleep isn't the only area where Aniston is acing the whole health-and-wellness thing.

In an interview with Elle, Aniston opened up about what she eats in a day.

Unsurprisingly, her list includes super healthy things, like oatmeal, egg whites, puffed millet cereal (WTF is that?!), avocado, almond butter, apples, turkey bacon, salad (ugh, salad) and, sometimes, a little bit of pasta.

OK, so basically Aniston is winning life.

I need to go to Target to buy an actual alarm clock so I can stop using, "But my iPhone is my alarm!" as an excuse to keep it next to my bed.

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