Why Feeling Hungry Could Really Just Mean You're Cold

It's officially chilly.

A good chilly, though.

It's perfect for comfy sweatshirts, brisk walks with puffy vests and nights snuggling under the blankets with the windows cracked open just a tad.

But you know what also comes along with this refreshing fall weather? Cold feet.

I have poor circulation to my extremities, so my hands and feet get cold pretty darn fast. It's a pain, but I've learned to live with it, and it's taught me a lot about how to best take care of my body and how to listen to it.

We all want comfort.

Think back to human evolution.

When we lived in sync with nature. As the brisk weather approached, we'd feast on our autumn harvest, pack on a few pounds and get ready to rough it out through the winter.

Digestion of food actually heats up our bodies and warms us up in the process. So when the cold weather strikes, sometimes we think we're hungry, when we're really just cold.

Subconsciously, food has become a quick fix for instant comfort and warming up our systems and distracting us from the discomforting feeling of being cold.

But in today's world, a few pounds before the holidays is less than ideal.

So the next time you feel cold or chilly, try one of these remedies first, and then re-access your hunger levels.

You might just feel so warm, safe and relaxed you opt to jump into bed instead of raiding the fridge. How great does that sound?

Try these cozy, calorie-free recipes:

  • A warm foot bath, with epsom salts and essential oils.
  • A hot shower, in the dark, by candlelight. Try it. You won't go back.
  • A steamy bath. Bonus points for chemical-free bubble bath and a candle.
  • A planned weekly trip to the steam room or sauna.
  • Tea (boring, I know).
  • I like this better -- a mug of hot water. Just water. It's so easy.
  • An electric heating pad at the foot of your bed, under the sheets.
  • An old-school hot water bottle on your belly - amazing for digestion too.
  • Hot Vinyasa yoga flow. S-w-e-a-t  i-t  o-u-t.

Choose your food wisely.

Eat roasted veggies. While regular salad will cool you off, roasted vegetables are comforting and warm your body and digestive system.

You also can't really mess them up. Simply reheat oven to 400 or 450 degrees, cut up veggies, put in pan with coconut oil or olive oil, sea salt and pepper, roast for about 20 or 30 minutes and toss around once. I'm no chef and I wing it every time.

Soup is another great option. I used to think soups were way too salty and I'd avoid them at all costs, but I was so wrong.

There are so many nourishing soups out there, with clean ingredients (organic chicken) and packed with veggies. They're also low calorie and fill you up. Take a look around your natural foods market for pre-prepared options or whip one up with what you have in your fridge and pantry.

Again, you really can't go wrong here. Make it up. Google recipes.

Oh, and don't forget to eat chili. Mostly because it's really delicious.

Invest in great clothes.

"There's no bad weather, just bad clothing."

I am promising myself to live by this mantra this year and it's about time. Invest in a seriously warm jacket, insulated boots and functional gloves. Fashion be damned.

So by all means, be like the squirrels this time of year. Gather your nuts, start preparing for the cold and don't pack on the pounds while you're at it.

Still feeling hungry? Didn't think so.