A woman wearing a black sleeping mask, sleeping in blue bed sheets who fell asleep instantly

6 Ways To Fall Asleep Instantly, According To Arianna Huffington

by Francesca Maximé
Branislav Jovanović

If you know anything about Arianna Huffington, you're probably aware of the fact that when she talks about sleep, it feels like you're getting tucked into bed after a hot bath.

She's just that good.

And at last night's New York Women In Communications event at Bloomberg, she dished out some real advice about how to get the best Z's of your life.

So, if you always find yourself tossing and turning in your sheets, here are six ways to fall asleep instantly, according to Arianna Huffington:

Francesca Maxime

1. Rekindle your romance with your bedtime routine.

Yes, romance. What we mean is, make going to bed something fun and intriguing.

Like a relationship — because in a way, it's a kind of relationship with yourself — make your bedtime routine something you can rely on, but remember to keep it fresh.

Good skin and dental hygiene are part of this.

Don't skip the "taking off the makeup" or "brushing teeth" part of your routine.

Keeping a regular bedtime is part of this, too.

2. Take a hot bath.

Leave the shower for post-workout cleansing.

Sink into your bathtub (and yes, that means you might have to clean it first, but a little elbow grease never hurt anyone) dim the lights, light a candle and turn on some soft music or nature sounds to calm down and unwind.

3. Put your phone to bed in the other room, and buy a regular alarm.

Huffington actually pulled out a little Barbie bed with silky sheets that has slots underneath for your iPad and 10 charging docks.

She encouraged people to make their living rooms into their devices' bedroom and to leave all the digital stuff out of sight.

Do this at least 15 minutes before your head hits the pillow so you don't wake up at 3 am and start scrolling through Instagram.

You don't need to be deep into your frenemy's Belize vacation before you realize the sun has started to come up.

4. Buy yourself lingerie or nice pajamas to sleep in.

You should do this even if you don't have a partner, says Huffington. Yeah, it's nice to dress up for someone, but that someone can be you.

So, make sure you signal to your brain that you're stepping into a different part of your day when it's all about sleep.

5. Create a new bedtime story.

Forget your Kindle. Read real books or even a magazine.

The point, says Huffington, is to make sure you have a tactile sensation of paper between your fingers.

You shouldn't have a cool, cold device inviting you to explore the whole damned world before bedtime.

And there's no shame in a trashy novel, either.

Just read a real book that marks a break from your regular day.

6. Get enough sleep every night (duh).

Everyone's different, so eight hours may be more than you need. Some people are good with six.

There's also nothing wrong with getting 10 on the weekends, but make sure to keep your circadian rhythms in check by being consistent.

Bonus: Get a silky pillowcase, eye mask and noise-cancelling earbuds for traveling.

If you're on the road a lot, it's a worthwhile investment.

Unlike the rest of us mortals, Huffington flies first class but says the pillows there are still scratchy and irritating.

So, get a nice pillowcase and a silky eye mask, and invest in decent noise-cancelling headphones.

Treat yourself. You're worth it.

At the end of the day, Huffington says we're all stressed-out and sleep-deprived because we falsely believe money and success will make us happy.

But in fact, wellbeing, wisdom, wonder and generosity are the true shortcuts to real happiness.

So, be well, and get your sleep.