Here's Why You'll Get More Out Of Tracking Your Eating Habits Instead Of Your Calories

by Imani Brammer

The pressure to look your best is real in these streets. Between bad b*tches on Instagram and their before and after pictures, and the countless “bikini body” workout packages being promoted on your Twitter feed day in and day out, the pressure to appear flawless can overwhelm the very underrated necessity to actually feel your best. And no, counting calories doesn't matter when it comes to feeling like the best version of yourself. A healthier and more realistic approach is to pay attention to your eating habits instead.

If you've come to a point where you really want to start treating yourself and your body in a way that truly makes you feel good, keeping track of your eating habits rather than your calories is sure to a less toxic and certainly less stressful way to get the results you're looking for.

Elite Daily spoke with Talia Koren, creator of Workweek Lunch, who explains how a few simple, mindful lifestyle changes helped her find balance in her choices, especially when it came to her eating habits.

She says,

I used to rely on free food in the office because it meant spending less money on food, but the options were terrible: bagels, pizza, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes. Not exactly foods that make up a healthy diet.

Koren explains that a simple change in her routine -- cooking at home -- made a world of a difference.

She tells Elite Daily,

I feel much better about what goes into my body because I make it myself, and I know exactly what ingredients are in my meals. Even if you buy healthy food in restaurants, unless you're in the kitchen watching the chef cook, you don't know what's in it.

Koren says if there's one thing she wishes people would pay more attention to when it comes their eating habits, it'd be mindset and sustainability.

She reflects,

When I [started focusing] on making a new practice (cooking all the time) fit into my life, even though I'm super busy, I was able to stay healthy without ever falling off the wagon. I've been doing this for two years. I want people to think about what they can build into their lifestyles that they can see themselves doing for many years -- not just 10 days, like a cleanse.

Remember, a lifestyle change is so much more than counting numbers. Healthy eating habits are all about learning about yourself and your body, understanding what works for you, and adjusting your lifestyle to make way for the good things you truly deserve out of life.

Happiness starts in the mind and is supported by the lifestyle, not by the numbers.