4 Health Benefits Of Bringing Your Furry Friend Into The Office

by Elle Goya

Whether we're posting pictures of them on social media or declining plans with friends in favor of a day at the park, we just can't get enough of our furry friends. They keep us company during times of need and put a smile on our faces by simply wagging their tails.

So, why aren't we able to take them with us everywhere we go? Although having them accompany us to a night club might not turn out so well, taking them to work is always a good idea. Here are four reasons people should bring their pups to the office:

1. They promote productivity.

Very often, people tend to get immersed in their work. When they're sitting in front of a computer, answering emails and worrying about deadlines and meetings, they might forget to take breaks.

As good as that might sound to an employer, it is actually counterproductive. Studies have shown that taking a small break while performing a lengthy assignment can actually give our brains a rest and help us regain focus on the task at hand.

Having our pups with us would force us to take these small breaks whether we'd like to or not. Something as simple as a tug of war game or a quick walk outside could give us the refresher we need to make our day a more productive one.

2. They help develop work relationships.

Bringing your dog to work can immensely help the relationships you build with your co-workers. In a normal setting where some peers might not be forced to interact with one another, you can place your furry friend in the mix, and it gets everyone involved. I mean, who could say no to petting a four-legged furry friend?

Having strong relationships at work is vital for any company to succeed. People need to know and feel that their workplace consists of their second family. Essentially, that is what co-workers are, aren't they? They are a family we see 40 hours a week (or more), so what better way to make bonds stronger than to make the office feel like home?

3. Puppies are like furry stress balls.

Have you ever been so stressed at work you felt you were about to walk out? Cry? Did you need to step out for a second before you bit someone's head off?

Yes, we know work can be very stressful and almost impossible to deal with at times. So, instead of taking that cigarette break or pacing back and forth in your office, use your canine friend to help you cope.

Dogs have been linked with stress-relieving hormones in our bodies. When we experience stress, anxiety or anger, we can take one look at our loyal companions and instantly feel better. Stroking their fur has been proven to activate an even more calming sensation.

For years, service dogs have been visiting the homes of cancer patients, hospices and terminal illness patients because their caring and loving nature truly can change our moods drastically. Feeling stressed? Pet your pup.

4. They help keep your mind on work.

We are often bothered with things we have to do outside of work like doctor appointments, laundry and errands. The last thing we want is an added concern when we're trying to be productive and get things done at the office. Wondering if our pet is destroying our couch, found a new shoe to bite or is having separation anxiety can be extremely worrisome and prevent us from performing to our highest potential at work.

Having our pups by our sides not only eliminates all our worries, but it also alleviates any added stress from hiring a dog walker (including the stress it would cause our wallets).

For years now, major companies such as Google, Amazon and Etsy have discovered the endless benefits that come with their employees bringing their pups to work with them. So, in the next company meeting, make sure you let your boss know that pups equal success.