This Is The One Workout You Need To Do To Get Over Your Halloween Hangover

Halloween is just around the corner, and that might mean a scary amount of booze alongside your candy corn. From drinks like a sugary "witches brew," to poison apple cocktails, to my personal favorite "angry balls" (a mix between apple cider and Fireball), a terrifying hangover is pretty much unavoidable. But if you're wondering how to work out when you're hungover AF after making it through Halloweekend, and the thought of going to the gym in your condition is more terrifying than the haunted house your friends forced you to go in while drunk, sweating it out might feel a lot better than you think.

TBH, the hardest part of working out with a raging hangover is convincing yourself to get your butt out of bed and move your aching bod. Your pounding headache says no, but your tight hammies say hell yes. And science says sweat it out, detox, and restore.

Don't worry -- this doesn't mean you should smash out an intense HIIT circuit in your weak state. No one wants to see your candy corn resurface alongside the elliptical, trust me.

But according to Women's Health, a little bit of gentle movement will increase your heart rate and circulation, causing your metabolism to rev up, and will ultimately lead to detoxification and restoration.

So, when your Halloween hangover makes you feel like an actual zombie, a combination of walking and yoga is the way to go.

I know, I know. Just hear me out for a minute.

The cardiovascular activity that walking introduces to your aching, hungover body will help burn off the unholy amount of carbohydrates you consumed via alcohol -- aka the prime factor contributing to your hangover.

Gentle, soothing yoga poses will seriously rejuvenate your body, as they'll help you release toxins, improve circulation, and they'll even help your digestion, according to The Daily Meal. The combination of these low-intensity exercises will relieve tension from head to toe, and your ghostly complexion will soon vanish, leaving you feeling super refreshed.

Oh, and be sure to drink lots of water. Dehydration is one of the contributing causes of your fatigue, as well as that major, alcohol-induced migraine you're likely suffering from.

Just make sure you don't accidentally reach for a deceiving water bottle that's actually filled with vodka. (It's happened. I don't want to talk about it.)

Anyway, once you rise from the dead, start with about 15 minutes of steady-state cardio. This could be a walk outside around the block, a light jog on the treadmill, or pedaling it out on the elliptical -- whatever floats your booze-infused boat.

The endorphins released when you start to move your body will make what seems like the worst morning of your life, actually seem, you know, mediocre.

Just make sure you keep your warm-up at a steady pace to avoid nausea and over-exertion.

Once you've completed your cleansing cardio, transition to these two rejuvenating yoga postures.

Start off with boat pose to get some gentle core work in. Don't hate me just yet; the next pose is super restorative -- just power through this one, fam.

If you feel like you want to die in boat pose, remember that this bad boy is a total lifesaver when it comes to recovering from your Halloweekend hangover. According to Yoga Journal, it stimulates your intestines, kidneys, and thyroid, which improves the overall detoxification process. Incorporating this core work into your hangover fitness routine will also improve your balance and coordination -- things that simply did not make an appearance at that Halloween party last night, I'm sure. Do a few reps in boat pose, holding each one for about four breaths.

After you fire up your abdominal region, unwind with a seated spinal twist pose. This asana majorly aids in digestion, which is key to soothing your aching stomach after all those spooky vodka sodas from last night.

The seated spinal twist will also cleanse your internal organs and eliminate waste, all while stimulating the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen. Bless. Up.

Be sure to repeat the twist on each side to balance out your newly restored bod.

With some super low-key cardio, and a little bit of restorative yoga, you'll feel so good, it'll be like last night never even happened. I mean, I guess those photos of you pounding tequila shots on top of that fake tombstone will still exist. You can't cure everything.