Guys, These Are The All-Natural Ways You Can Stop Your Hair From Falling Out

by Justin Vict
Dylan M Howell Photography

If you're a man who has started to lose your hair, it can be tough.

By the age of 50, around 85 percent of men have significantly thinning hair.

In one study, over 60 percent of men suffering from hair loss admitted it can affect their self-confidence, and 21 percent said it led to feelings of depression.

But, less than 10 percent of them tried hair loss treatments.

Chances are, you probably haven't started doing anything about your thinning hair, either.

So, here's how you can proactively help treat hair loss with all-natural ingredients:

1. Spritz with pumpkin seed oil.

Scientists have found that taking pumpkin seed oil every day will reverse some hair loss.

Because it is a powerful antifungal, it can help keep your scalp clean and healthy, and it can also help treat hair loss due to clogged hair follicles.

Of course, there may be exceptions, like if your hair loss is caused by chemotherapy.

Like most holistically healthy natural remedies, you won't see results overnight. But by half a year, you'll most likely see yourself with a fuller head of hair.

Start spritzing daily salads with a bit of pumpkin seed oil. You can also mix it into soups or toast spreads.

It has an intense, nutty taste, but you can be creative and find some way to get it into your daily meals. Don't cook with it, though, because it'll start tasting bitter.

Pumpkin seed oil is also rich in zinc, phosphorous, magnesium and other healthy nutrients our bodies need.

But, these nutrients are especially great at nourishing your hair.

You'll see quicker and better hair loss reversing effects if you massage the scalp with pumpkin seed oil and a base oil such as olive oil and leave for a few hours a couple of times a week.

2. Switch hair-thinning foods with these hair-growing foods.

A lack of protein, zinc and iron and protein have been connected to hair loss, so adding foods with a high content of them may be helpful.

But, you've also probably heard Dr. Oz go on about garcinia cambogia's weight-loss effects.

The same potent plant extract that can miraculously shed your pounds has also been linked with causing hair loss in rabbits when taken in high doses.

If you eat garcinia cambogia daily to lose weight, try switching it up and eating grapes and berries instead, as their nutrient-rich content actually encourages hair growth.

These fruits are also rich in resveratrol, which researchers found converts your stagnant white fat into auto-burning beige fat.

That means after eating these fruits regularly, you will start burning fat.

In fact, if you take in as much resveratrol as what's in a glass of red wine, it can have the same effect on your heart as hitting the gym for an hour.

If these aren't good enough reasons to switch, did you know regular resveratrol intake can also slow or even reverse physical aging and help prevent cancer and diabetes?

3. Sneak polyamine-rich foods into daily meals.

Your body needs and makes compounds called polyamines for its life-sustaining processes.

The Nutritional Guide says you also get polyamines from your diet and the bacteria in your digestive tract.

Scientists found that eating more polyamine-rich foods leads to more prolific wool growth in sheep.

They found that polyamines are crucial to your hair follicle growth and theorize that boosting your polyamines intake will promote hair growth, just like with sheep.

Here are some ways to sneak more polyamine-rich foods into daily meals:

  • Always go organic. (Organic produce have more polyamines.)
  • Add extra cheese to sandwiches. (Mature cheddar is especially high in polyamines.)
  • Get in another serving of shell fish.
  • Wait for fruits to ripen fully before eating them. (Fruits' polyamine content increase as they ripen.)
  • Have a glass of orange juice or a snack plate of sliced oranges every day. (Oranges have the most polyamines of all fruits.)

Polyamines do more than just help restore your hair growth. It turns out, people who eat polyamine-rich diets may live longer.

4. Color salads with red reishi.

Red reishi, or lingzhi, is a vibrant red mushroom native to Asia.

Researchers found that, like pumpkin seed oil, red reishi can increase scalp health, which, in turn, can promote hair growth.

Like any mushroom, you can decorate salads, sandwiches and soups with this crimson superfood.

By doing so, you're not just making food prettier, but you're also helping hair growth.

Researchers also discovered red reishi may have anti-cancer properties, like shrinking tumors.

Best of all, it pumps up immunity, bolstering defenses against diseases.

With all this information, you now be proactive and buy these holistically healthy, hair-enriching ingredients and mix them into daily meals.

You'll not only be healthier and happier, but might also be adding years to your life.