8 Reasons Our Grandparents Are Way Healthier And Happier Than We Are

by Tanvir Zafar

It's no surprise most old people are healthier and happier than those in their 20s.

And the fact that old people live generally better lives than us — even in the midst of all that is going on today — has called into question their secrets and tips.

Just what is it that these old timers do that make them so healthy and vibrant?

Well, we have come up with some tips to living a long and active life.

You might want to remember them for when you also get old and grey:

1. By staying constantly happy

This step is by far one of the hardest. Why?

Well, given all the news and reports of today, it's quite enough to weigh someone down and get them all moody and passive.

However, older people have to keep their spirits and morale at very high levels in order to do all the things they want to do.

When you grow old, you tend to lean more on the strength of your mind and other mental concepts.

A stable mind is highly important in determining the overall health of senior citizens, and staying positive is one way to keep the mind balanced.

2. Eating healthy

This step is one, which goes without saying.

As you get older, you tend to be more conscious of your diet and your intake of certain foods.

Although most senior citizens could be a bit careless about what they eat, they have their kids (and occasionally, nurses and other medical personnel) oversee their meals.

Healthy diets contribute to health and increased body metabolism, and most elderly ones, in the desire to live as long as they possibly can, become strict with food.

3. Practicing yoga

Old people have been known to do whatever it is that they can in order to stay as healthy and vibrant as possible.

Yoga is one of those things, and it's an awesome way to pass the time and connect body with spirit. It can also help with body alignment and stiffness in joints.

4. Staying optimistic

Optimism is a quality that can be found in almost every senior citizen. That's probably why they're so loved by their children and grandchildren.

They've lived through and experienced so much in life, and most of them know it's better to be positive and accept things as they are than get bogged down by any negativity.

5. Exercise

Senior citizens, in a bid to preserve their strength and improve the metabolic functions of their bodies, have taken to exercising.

Whether that's yoga (as I mentioned above), swimming or walking, we all know how important exercise is for our health.

6. Generally having “fun”

You probably are aware of the affinity senior citizens have for pretending like they're decades younger than they actually are.

They do things like dancing and low-key water sports, and some even go as crazy as rock-climbing and skydiving.

It might seem dangerous, but the truth is, it's actually helpful.

Getting out of the house and taking time for more exciting physical activities can do wonders for the mind and body.

7. Taking in less stress

Ever seen an old person who just lives life as easy and simple as it gets?

Well, it helps their overall health.

Senior citizens generally are prone to heart conditions, and that's why most of them generally refuse to partake in any activity that they feel will put too much of a strain on their heart.

8. Staying with others

It has been proven that feelings of isolation can increase the risk of anxiety and depression.

This is why most old people take pleasure in the company of others, go to social events and gatherings and try to surround themselves with family and friends whenever they can.