Your Favorite Essential Oil Probably Says More About Yourself Than You Think


Essential oils are an essential part of my life. On a daily basis, I use these fascinating liquids in various ways to enhance my well-being. A dash of wild orange on the wrists here, a couple drops of peppermint on the shoulders there. Lavender behind the neck, a few drips of lemon in my water. When someone looks at me and wonders why, the best response I can give is letting them have a try.

Each different oil permeates with a special goodness of its own kind, just like you and I, which is why I might be able to make a few assumptions about you based on your go-to essential oil.

But first things first, if you're not already familiar with essential oils, I'll briefly fill you in. Google states that an essential oil is “a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.” This definition doesn't get into detail about any of the special properties the various essential oils are associated with, but it gives a general idea about what I'm talking about.

Perhaps aromatherapy is the most common way essential oils are recognized and used. An extremely effective way to experience aromatherapy is by diffusing essential oils into the air. Other ways they can be used are via topical application or ingesting internally.

However, it's important to know that before applying an oil topically or taking it internally, you must read the label to make sure it's safe to do so. I'm not a medical professional, nor have the statements in this article been evaluated by the FDA, but the only essential oils I use are certified, pure, therapeutic grade, and can be used in all three of the ways mentioned above.

Finally, this brings us to the moment we've been waiting for. If you're already familiar with essential oils, let's see what your favorite one says about you:


Lemon oil complements well with other oils, just as you complement well with other individuals. You're clean, easy going, neutral and great at multitasking. You make people feel happy. Friends and family feel comfortable going to you for advice in all areas of life, anticipating to be cleansed by your fresh outlook.


Lavender is a popular oil and used by many for its calming and healing properties. You draw people in through comfort, making them feel relaxed and safe. Blissful sleep and regularly relishing in the luxury of “lavender and chill” nights are of your finest abilities.


Peppermint lovers leave a lasting impression on others long after they walk away, just as applying peppermint oil does not go unnoticed by those nearby. From the cooling sensation that infiltrates through the body as the oil touches the skin, to the soothing smell of peppermint that lingers through the air after it's been applied or diffused, peppermint is breathtaking. Enrique Iglesias sings in his song "Hero," “You can take my breath away.” Maybe he was referring to peppermint? It would make sense.


You're a catch, the total package. Frankincense is sought out by many, and is often called “liquid gold.” You couldn't be more golden yourself.


Grapefruit is invigorating. Your friends come to you for that extra push they seek to rejuvenate their motives, eliminate doubt and finally make a move. You're energetic, uplifting and enjoy a good detox every now and then.


They say to never judge a book by its cover. I say to never judge an essential oil by its smell. Like oregano, you're powerful, a strong force of nature and come through for others. You love pizza. People learn know how much they need you when they need you.


Melaleuca — also known as tea tree oil — is a common oil with helpful properties for the skin. That being said, there's more to you than what's visible on the surface. Because of your awareness, you're able to graciously take care of yourself and loved ones.


Eucalyptus oil promotes clear breathing and is soothing in nature. You're a breath of fresh air, sought out by many for your ability to shed clarity on various matters. You stimulate the potential of those you love. Your choice in candy is an all-natural cough drop.

How we're feeling versus how we want to be feeling are important thoughts to contemplate. What we're striving to achieve at the moment, and what we're aiming for in the long run determines which bottle we'll pick up next, and which we'll pick up most frequently. Is just depends on the circumstances, right?