PSA: Fake Sugar Makes You Hungry, So Go Ahead And Have A Regular Coke


Most people reach for Diet Coke or artificial sweeteners to avoid sugar and all the presumed evil it causes.

Turns out, y'all are screwing up. Artificial sugar is just as bad, if not worse. Why? Because new research proves that it actually makes you hungrier.

Based on a recent study in Australia, scientists report that fake sugar (Splenda, Equal) messes with how the brain regulates hunger and how your taste buds perceive flavors.

I guess we can throw that on top of the ever-growing pile of evidence against artificial sweeteners.

How did the scientists come to this? They first tested on fruit flies. The flies were given food laced with artificial sweetener and ended up consuming 30 percent more calories compared to their normal intake. And it's not because they were just super active during that period of time.

Next, the researchers tested mice the same way. Again, the mice that were hopped up on fake sugar consumed more calories -- 50 percent more to be exact.

Scientists believe this happens because in the brain's reward centers, energy levels and sweet sensations are related. So when they're out of sync for a while, the brain has to adjust. It tells your body that it's hungry, even when you've eaten enough.

So when you're reaching for a packet of Splenda to pour in your coffee or a Diet Coke instead of a regular one, just keep in mind you're going to feel phantom hunger pangs later. Yes, even if you're not actually hungry. And the more you consume, the more likely you are to gain weight. Foods and beverages with artificial sugars don't keep you satisfied.

I'm not a registered dietician or anything, but you can take this as yet another reason to ditch Diet Coke. You're probably better off drinking a regular Coke anyway. Everything in moderation, people.

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