Selena Gomez Beats Justin Bieber With Most Liked Instagram Pic

The most liked photo ever to have been posted on Instagram isn't a majestic eagle soaring high above the ground, an emotional reunion of long-lost relatives or mother nature at its finest.


It's a snap of Selena Gomez sipping on a bottle of Coke. It's a pretty good picture though, to be fair. Have a look:

It was only taken two weeks ago and already has more than 4 million likes. Yeah, the guys at Coca-Cola knew exactly what they were doing here.

The image is part of a campaign called "Share A Coke And share A Song." The drink giant included Selena's lyrics, "You're the spark," from her tune "Me & The Rhythm."

The number of likes outranks the previous number one which, ironically, is a throwback pic of Selena with Justin Bieber.

It DID give everyone the feels -- around 3.7million people, in fact. Fans just can't get enough of this couple. But for now they're going to have to make do with the Selena lookalike Justin has been spotted with.

Then there was the time Kendall Jenner's snap was on top:

That seems like an eternity ago now. Long live Jelena.