Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight, So Get Out Of Bed

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If you're someone who prefers the sweeter side of the breakfast food spectrum, I have some good news for you.

There's a new food trend on the rise that will let you have your chocolate cake, and eat it for breakfast too.

That's right. Liz Moskow, food trend expert and culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group, recently told Food Business News that chocolate will be the next big breakfast trend.

But that's not even the best part...

Apparently, science has determined you can eat your beloved chocolate cake without feeling guilty about it.

Several studies have shown eating chocolate in the morning can have several health benefits and may even help you lose weight.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University found the best time to eat dessert is in the morning, since it's the time the body's metabolism is most active and allows your body to burn off calories throughout the rest of the day.

The researchers also found eating a breakfast consisting of chocolate, combined with proteins and carbs, can also fend off those pesky sugar cravings throughout the day.

For the 32-week study, 193 obese adults were divided into two groups and given either a low-carb breakfast consisting of 300-calories, or a balanced, 600-calorie breakfast that included a chocolate cake dessert.

Halfway through the study, both groups exhibited an average weight loss of 33 pounds per subject. However, at the end of the study, the 300-calorie group gained back an average of 22 pounds, while the chocolate cake group continued to lose an average of 15 pounds.

Professor Daniela Jkubowicz, lead researcher in the study, explained that although both groups were consuming the same amount of calories per day, those eating the low-carb breakfast did not feel satisfied from their morning meals.

Those eating the low-carb breakfast did not feel satisfied from their morning meals.

In fact, this group had a tendency to experience intense cravings for carbs and sugar, which led them to cheat on their diets as time went on. Those who ate chocolate cake for breakfast, on the other hand, experienced fewer cravings for sweets throughout the day.

I addition to curbing your cravings, eating chocolate cake for breakfast can also boost your brain power.

A study published by the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study (MSLS) found dark chocolate can improve cognitive function and enhance things like abstract reasoning, memory and focus.

According to Moskow,

Combining those two studies and the likeability of having dessert for breakfast, we predict that breakfast might start seeing brunch amuse-bouche chocolate cakes or brunch and breakfast restaurants incorporating a robust dessert menu.

However, these findings don't necessarily mean it's OK to polish off an entire cake before heading out the door each morning.

Unfortunately, stuffing your face with chocolate cake that is high in sugar and fat will essentially negate the health benefits of adding cocoa into your breakfast.

But on the bright side, there are all sorts of healthy cake and dessert recipes that serve as the perfect way to sweeten up your mornings without sabotaging your skinny jeans.

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