14 Tiny Things To Do Each Morning To Boost Your Happiness For The Whole Day

by Alexandra Mullane

Around this time of year, the winter doldrums come into play.

Many people (including myself) struggle to get out of bed because of the cold.  Netflix has just released an awesome November lineup for movies, and with holiday movies showing up on television, it's easy to sit in bed and feel unproductive all day.

However, being unproductive does not bring you happiness.

This holiday season, work on making yourself happier. Here are 14 things you can do before noon that will brighten up your day.

1. Do a random act of kindness.

Random acts of kindness are a great way to be happier.

They make you feel warm and fuzzy about yourself, spread good karma, and are just all-round great things to do.

Maybe buy the person in line in front of you a coffee, or hold the door open for someone you don't know. Small things make you feel better than you think.

2. Be less plugged in.

Immediately waking up and checking your phone is by far the most unhappy way to wake up.

You're thrown into an abyss of catching up with your friends, the world and social media as a whole. It's exhausting before you even get out of bed.

Don't do it.

3. Get ready to your favorite music.

Getting ready can be a hustle. It's stressful!

Throw on your favorite music because regardless of how rushed you feel and how stressed you are, the music you love will lighten the mood. You might even catch yourself feeling a little happier.

4. Eat breakfast.

If you do anything before noon, eating breakfast should be the top priority.

Liubov Burakova

Even if you're in a rush, there are many quick recipes and healthy energy bars that'll give you no excuse to skip out.

5. Do one thing every day to reach your goals, even if it is tiny.

Is your goal to work for your dream company? Check on them and read their latest press releases or updates.

Is your dream to run your own company? Listen to a podcast on how to run a website and a business.


Doing small things every day to work towards your goals will make achieving them much easier. You'll feel less overwhelmed if you're making steady progress every day.

6. Notice one characteristic you like about yourself.

Look in the mirror and notice one characteristic you like about yourself.

This will give you a little more confidence before you walk out the door, which will keep your headspace more positive throughout the day. A small positive thought can positively affect you in a major way.

7. Think of one trait you like about your life.

Maybe you are really proud of a project you are working on, maybe you did something great in your community, or maybe you just got to work on time.

Regardless of what is a victory for you, mentally celebrate it and notice you are doing great.

Be proud of the traits and achievements you like in your life and take the time to notice them. You could be overlooking the small awesome things going on in your life.

8. Meditate for a few minutes.

Take a few minutes to chill and not check any phones or laptops or worry about getting ready.

Focus on your breathing.

Marija Mandic

There is a reason many yoga classes end with a few minutes to lay down and just breathe. It relaxes the body and makes you feel calmer and more together. It will help you go into your day with a clear head and confidence.

9. Don't let yourself complain.

Everyone complains. Everyone mentally complains. I know I do.

However, there is no good reason to complain. Complaining gets you nowhere.

If you have an issue with a situation, change it or make the most of it. It sucks, but complaining and sulking about situations and small annoyances really take a toll on your headspace.

10. Don't let yourself judge others.

Everyone does it, but nobody should.

Try to not let yourself judge others as you do not like to be judged either. Not judging others will leave you with a more open-mind and a more open outlook on the world.

11. Wear something that makes you feel awesome.

If you are anything like me, you save your best clothes for the best moments.


Clothes are made to be worn. Only wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Donate the rest. Wear clothes that make you feel happier.

12. Smile!

Just the act of smiling is known to brighten up people's moods.

Kayla Snell

Smile. Smile as often as you can and to as many people as you can. It'll make you happier and it will make the people around you happier.

13. Give someone a compliment.

This goes back to the random acts of kindness. It makes you feel good about yourself and it will make the other person feel good.

Plus, you never know what someone else is going through and just how much a compliment or feel-good comment could help their day.

14. Know that you deserve to be happy.

Know that as soon as you wake up in the morning, you deserve to be happy and there is no reason to be sad.

Chase your dreams, smile and be as happy as possible. You deserve to make the most out of your life.