This Company Totally Has The Right Idea When It Comes To Corporate Wellness

by Georgina Berbari
Getty Images/PeopleImages

While many people try to squeeze in a quick workout during their lunch break, most of us know it can feel impossible to incorporate a quality sweat sesh into any normal work day. From ripping your business casual clothes off in a hurry, to huffing away on the elliptical, and then bolting back to the office with sweaty mascara streaks running down your face, you can't help but wonder if exercising during work hours is even worth the stress. But imagine if your boss actually offered you an extended, exercise-induced lunch break -- with time to shower and leisurely eat your lunch before returning to work.

Sounds like a fantasy, right? Well, that wondrous wellness dream is actually a reality for people working for a company called Technogym.

Technogym basically takes the idea of corporate wellness to a whole new level. For example, when you search their company's name, the first thing that pops up is "Technogym wellness ball" -- that's because instead of chairs, they have fitness balls for their employees to sit on at each meeting.

And the lack of uncomfortable desk chairs is really just the beginning of their wellness wonderland.

Technogym is essentially revolutionizing the definition of "corporate wellness."

From its all-natural building with sunlight streaming in to warm you up while you practice morning yoga on raised platforms, to its unbelievably gorgeous gym built just for employees (which includes spin studios, Kinesis walls, and a weight room, just to name a few of the amenities), the Technogym workplace is a literal fitness fantasy.

But come on, what is this company getting out of giving its employees a two-hour lunch break every day (everyone is given gourmet three-course meals on the house, BTW), aside from radiantly glowing, stress-free workers?

Well, for starters, the company's annual revenues are off the charts.

Since the company first launched in 1983, its annual revenue now rakes in more than $500 million -- not bad at all, right?

Plus, a study from The Harvard Business Review reported that, although corporate wellness is often viewed as an uncommon luxury, introducing wellness programs into the workplace provides far too many benefits to ignore.

Employee wellness programs increase employee health (fewer sick days!), lowers health care costs, and ups overall office productivity, according to the research. So, really, everyone stands to benefit from these types of programs.

And if you think your own boring office would never transform into such a healthy paradise, it's actually not as far-fetched as you think.

Companies like Zappos, Google, and FitBit are all following in Technogym's footsteps to make corporate wellness the norm in our society.

From "Workout Wednesdays," to free massages, to nap rooms (I know, I'm getting mildly emotional, too), this radical revolution is spreading like wildfire.

Sooo, Technogym, you hiring or nah?