Cold Medicine Pods Are The Most Convenient Thing You Never Asked For

The Keurig machine has changed the way more than just the way we brew our morning cup of joe.

From hot teas and iced lattes to instant soups that appear at the press of a button, people are constantly finding new ways to put this invention to good use.

Now, you can even use this handy invention to get over your next cold.

If you have a hard time swallowing huge pills, or hate gagging on a shot of artificially flavored medicine every time you get sick, you might want to pay attention.

CVS just created cold-and-flu medicine that comes in a single serving pod, and can be brewed right in your Keurig machine.


The new medicine pods are similar to other products like Theraflu, but instead of having to wait around while you boil a pot of water, these single serving pods give you cold relief at the push of a button.

According to a CVS press announcement,

The creation of this product started with a casual conversation where CVS Pharmacy's innovation team was wondering if there was something new that could be done with single serving pods. The team started looking at medicines delivered via hot liquid and realized a therapeutic cold/flu medicine would be a new, innovative way of bringing relief to customers.

If you're looking to stock up on these pods before flu season rolls around, you can snag a box of these bad boys for $9.99 from CVS.

Seriously, the sniffles are no match for these cold meds.

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