How Celina Myers Winds Down After A Day Of Filming Spooky Content

The @celinaspookyboo creator lays out her nighttime routine (pre-sleepwalking).

by Princess Gabbara

Celina Myers loves the thrill of being scared. The TikTok star’s Highway to Hell series documents her hair-raising visits to haunted penitentiaries, asylums, and theaters that often leave her and her friends gasping in horror and in search of the closest exit. So, after a long day of filming spooky content, Myers goes to great lengths to decompress from the chaos with a few unconventional self-care habits she swears by.

“When you’re around things that are potentially negative, I do everything I can to keep that from coming home with me,” Myers tells Elite Daily over Zoom from Toronto. “I have a giant crystal skull, and I talk to it like, ‘Take the bad feelings, please.’ Then, before I come inside, I literally shake off my body and shake out my hair, and I just try to detach any of that energy.”

But fear not, Myers’ content is also hysterically funny. Self-described as “your [neighborhood] weirdo,” the content creator often treats her 30 million followers across TikTok and Instagram to her amusing rants about getting hit by a car, social experiments that include reading a How to Cope With Explosive Diarrhea book in a crowded airport, and her famous sleepwalking videos, which she says helped her gain more than 7 million followers in one week.

In addition to her nocturnal antics, Myers hosts her own podcast, The Haunted Estate, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. She’s also a bestselling, self-published author; 2019’s The Home Reader revisits her most gripping tales as a ghost hunter, whereas Blackwick Falls: The Marked Witch follows a 19-year-old who discovers she’s a witch after her mother’s tragic death.

Myers grew up watching and admiring YouTube stars like Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas before striking out on her own. “I wanted to do that so bad, so I made one TikTok video and it didn’t even have me in it, but it went viral,” she says. “I thought, ‘I wonder what would happen if I made this a full-time commitment?’”


Three years after her first viral clip, that full-time commitment has paid off. Myers has plenty in store for 2024, including a paranormal film she wrote with friend and fellow TikToker Kris Collins. She also plans to bring her spooky content back to the forefront. “So many people who don’t follow me on YouTube are like, ‘Why are you Spooky Boo when you just do comedy?’ And I’m like, ‘You just wait. Something’s coming,’” she says.

Below, Myers shares her way of coping with health anxiety, how cuddling with her dogs gives her a midday energy boost, and the tea she calls her “magic potion.”

Elite Daily: Part of your claim to fame are your viral sleepwalking videos, so I’m curious what your nighttime routine looks like. Can you walk me through it?

Celina Myers: I am a doom-scroller. I can’t go to bed without an hour of stressing myself out. My husband and I live out in the country on 50 acres, so we load the fireplace up, and then we have a floor bed. We lay in front of the fireplace and we kind of wind down on our phones and doom-scroll and watch a movie. Then, we have our tea and go to bed. My therapist was like, “Let’s try putting our phone away at 8 p.m.” And I was like, “No.”

If it’s past 10 p.m., I only go on Snapchat stories because those are so directed at your interests... I don’t follow anything about the news [or] animals that’ll make me sad. So it’s just memes and pimple-popping videos.

ED: Are you generally a good sleeper?

CM: I am, but I feel a little bit bad for my husband because regardless of sleepwalking or not, I am a sleep-talker and sleep-screamer, so I will be full-on having conversations that I catch in the cameras we leave rolling all the time. The other day, I had perfectly recited an entire shopping list about five minutes apart. I was just like, “Milk.” Then, four minutes later, I was like, “Ritz crackers.” I don’t know where it comes from.

ED: That’s hilarious. You mentioned you drink tea before bedtime. Do you have a specific tea you swear by?

CM: It’s the DavidsTea Organic Cold 911. I drink it morning, afternoon, and night, but it is the most relaxing, delicious tea I’ve ever tried. I call it my magic potion. If I’m stressed, my husband will just show up in front of me and be like, “Here.” And I’m a much better person.

My biggest form of self-care is knowing I’ve influenced somebody to feel better about themselves.

ED: In November, you shared a really candid Instagram post detailing your health journey and the anxiety that comes along with the changes you’re making. How are you getting through it, especially during those times when it feels like too much?

CM: When the whole Ozempic train started, I was on it for my Type 2 diabetes and never lost any weight, but I was afraid when I came off it that people would think I was still taking it. At first, I wanted to keep my health journey private because that’s how I thought I could protect myself, but I knew by doing that, I wasn’t going to help people.

At the end of the day, my biggest form of self-care is knowing I’ve influenced somebody to feel better about themselves or to take steps towards bettering themselves. So I think the self-care is finding peace in myself because I know I’m doing what I need for me. For that post, I was like, “I’m going to put it out there because I’m very sick and I know there are lots of people who are.”

ED: Are there any wellness tips you’ve gotten from TikTok that work for you?

CM: I had the worst eczema, and I used to wear so much makeup, and now I barely wear anything on my skin at all. I had been to doctors, but nobody could figure it out. It wasn’t until I came to TikTok that I found people with the same problems as me. I took bits and pieces from all these different people’s routines and healed my skin. So, for the first time in my life, I can get away with not wearing makeup — I just wear a tinted moisturizer.


ED: What’s the most recent purchase you made because of TikTok?

CM: There’s this thing called Zok, and it goes in your ear to relieve a headache and pressure in your head. I used to take Tylenol every single day for tension headaches, but I haven’t taken Tylenol in like three months. Obsessed.

ED: In a brief clip, you said you’ve been absent from social media due to caring for your uncle, who is living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. What steps are you taking to ensure that your own cup is filled, even in caretaker mode?

CM: Taking care of the people I love makes my cup feel full. When I’m lacking in their lives, it makes me feel like I’m lacking because they mean the most to me. It’s been hard because so much of my day is taking care of my uncle, but I’ve found so much peace in getting him settled and knowing that I could take care of him.

Is my cup half empty? Yes, it is, because I do feel like I’m falling behind. So I don’t know if I have an answer on how I keep my cup full, because right now I’m just coasting.

ED: I appreciate that because it’s real life. Most of us are just trying to keep it together the best we can.

CM: Yeah, and I’ve learned to ask for help. I went to my family and said, “You know what? I need some help on this day.” And I think that’s the hardest part. We can’t do it all.

ED: Is there any part of your day that’s just for you?

CM: Yeah, before bed, when I get to veg in front of the fire with a movie on my phone with my tea and giant jug of water. Before I go to bed, I convince myself to drink two liters of water, which is ridiculous because I pee all night.

ED: Have you thought about spacing out your water intake so that you’re not running to the bathroom all night?

CM: I wish I could, but I can’t remember during the day. I carry that jug around all day, and all it does is sit in different places around the house, and then my husband will be like, “Drink this.” I’ll take a little sip and then I’m gone. So if I’m not turned off and sitting there in the zone, it’s not going in my body.

ED: I read that being told you make someone’s day brighter is your favorite type of fan interaction. What are little things you do to make your own day brighter?

CM: Chocolate! Everywhere! I’m a snacker. I love food so much, but other than that, it’s my dogs. Pretty much twice a day, I’ll be like, “Bedtime!” And then everyone goes to the bed and for two minutes, I’ll just kiss everybody. I have three little tiny dogs. It’s like a phone charger for my body. Once they love me up, then we all peace out. That’s what makes me happy.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.