Why Being Productive Is The Key To A Happy, Healthy And Successful Life

by Jessica Wendroff

No matter the condition of a statue, all are cut from the same stone---similar to humans from genetics. Statues are captivating, even the broken and unfinished ones.

Like a marble statue, you are a work of art, but it is crucial to remember that you are also a work in progress. And you, too, can chisel yourself into a better person by being productive.

Even if you don't have your sh*t together, you can still improve your life. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need Gucci sneakers to take a step in the right direction. You can take that step barefoot.

You don’t have to start out being the best; you just have to start. Picasso probably played with finger paints before making masterpieces.

When you’re productive, you can develop other aspects of your life, like your intelligence, relationships, health, creativity and muscles. Do this, and your life will mirror the ones in movies.

But don't feel pressured to be the next Chris Gardner from "The Pursuit of Happyness." What matters about improving yourself is that you're making yourself your first priority.

Being productive doesn't just increase your bank account; it amplifies your happiness. It’s the chicken soup for any soul: It sutures a broken heart, alleviates physical pain, and cuts away at boredom -- all while improving your body and mind.

Who knew blood, sweat and tears could make a potion for happiness?

Being productive gives you purpose.

Maybe you don’t believe in the Ten Commandments, but you can believe in the 10 things on your to-do list.

No matter your beliefs, you can go to sleep with a dream and wake up with a vision. Having a specific goal can help you skyrocket out of bed in the morning like the firework you are.

Keep your eye on the prize, and focus on that. When you do this, all of your big-picture problems will blur together. Your happiness level will rise.

Being productive keeps your mind active.

An active mind is a happy mind. Being busy leaves no time for negative thoughts. You’re not thinking about Phil when you’re teaching yourself Photoshop.

Learning gives you a reason to live. It greases your gears. It can be a lot of fun to keep up with Kim Kardashian's epic crying face, but be sure to Netflix "Blackfish" (or any other documentary), too.

In other words, have your sugar, but don't forget to take your vitamins. When it comes to productivity, balance is key.

Being productive can increase your quality of life.

When you wear your passion like perfume, people -- including your boss! -- will take notice. Being driven is essential to unlocking raises and promotions.

People say that money doesn’t buy happiness. It doesn’t, but no one is immune to the draw of a comfortable life. With a little extra money, you can upgrade from your spring mattress. You can buy medicine that you might have been going without.

If you are already living comfortably, you can move to a better apartment or take some time for peace of mind on vacation.

Being productive can improve your mood.

Productivity translates to different things for different people. For some, it means crossing off dream destinations from your bucket list. For others, it’s something like exercise.

The Anxiety and Depression Association for America reminds visitors to its site that, according to some studies, "regular exercise works as well as medication" for certain people.

And once you prove that you can be mentally strong in a gym, you know that you can do the same in an office.

Other de-stressors, like coloring, have become popular as well. Psychologist Gloria Martínez Ayala explained to The Huffington Post why coloring relieves stress. Businesses have listened: On lower Broadway, the Strand Book Store dedicates several tables to adult coloring books.

So, whether you're lifting a weight or a crayon, you have the power to clear your mind and lift your spirit.

Being productive helps you evolve.

Being productive teaches you to continuously push yourself. And the more productive you are, the easier it is to evolve into a better self. And because things in motion tend to stay in motion (thanks, Newton!), being productive can easily lead to creating better habits.

For example, when ten pounds of weights start to feel like ten Pixy Styx, you can upgrade to 20 pounds. Waking up at 6 in the morning can make you more accustomed to waking up at 5.Your schedule itself isn’t important; whether you’re a night owl or a morning bird, you can still be productive. As long as you keep moving forward and improving yourself, growth can take place at any hour.

Start pushing yourself so much that it feels wrong to stay still. Find a comfort zone in being uncomfortable.

Being productive motivates the people around you.

When you inspire yourself, you inspire others.

And when you post motivational quotes, you're (maybe unintentionally) helping other people feel motivated, too. Some may complain that motivational quotes clutter their news feeds. I would say they're influential. Words make contact with people's eyes and hearts.

Doing your own little dance encourages others to make moves. And when people see you improve, it gives them hope that they can do the same.

Be proud of the work that you do, and know that you pave the way for those who applaud you. Your steps leave footprints for others to follow.