Ivy Park

Beyoncé's Best Workout Tip Doesn't Involve Any Money Or Equipment

Beyoncé has a body that looks like it was carved by natural forces over the course of thousands of years.

Like the Grand Canyon or arches in Utah, those curves could only have been built by a force larger than us all. Really, we can all thank Beyoncé's machine-like precision and willpower for them.

It's why I'm inclined to take all and any workout advice she drops so seriously.

While on the last leg of the Formation World Tour, Beyoncé casually dropped a promotional video for the new season of her workout line, Ivy Park. While doing her usual bending and contorting in artfully cut leotards, Bey dropped a little wisdom on our sorry asses.

She explains,

When I'm about to give up, I picture that one person I love more than anyone.

When she gets tired or feels like quitting, there's one trick that always gets Queen B by: Think of someone you love. You're not just running; you're running into the arms of a smiling, happy boyfriendmother or sister.

It's a very Beyoncé idea, one best expressed in her silky voice. She could tell me to run to Topshop right now and put the whole line on my credit card, and I'd be halfway down Broadway before reality hit me. Warsan Shire poetry has nothing on the appeal of plain old capitalism.

In all seriousness, though, Bey's workout advice isn't far from what fitness experts recommend. Visualizing your success and meditating to push your body harder have long been popular techniques in the workout community.

The next time you're struggling to finish a particularly tough run, just visualize Beyoncé waiting for you at the end of the track.

Or, wait. Am I misinterpreting her advice?

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