Apparently There's A Better Way To Eat Fruit Than What You've Been Doing


Fruit is my favorite snack of all time, and it's always a much better option than the crap we have in the office (looking at you, Doritos).

But apparently, there are ways you can hack the time of day you eat fruit so you can maximize the health benefits.

We all know it's best to eat a certain amount of fruit a day, which comes out to around 2-2.5 cups a day. By eating that amount of fruit per day, you're already on the right track.

Want to get more out of your fruit intake? Here's how:

Eat fruit by itself.

Are you adding berries or a banana to oatmeal or maybe slicing up an apple as a side with your lunch? There's a good reason you shouldn't do that.

It's best to eat fruit alone, or only with other, fruits because it screws with digestion. Yup. And it's not just adding it to a meal that can make digestion harder for your body, it's also drinking smoothies with a meal.

A fruit smoothie with other ingredients like milk, protein and some veggies is fine on its own. However, having it with anther type of food isn't doing your belly any good.

Stick to eating fruit in the morning.

Fruit is high in fructose, so eating it in the morning helps jumpstart your body after you've been sleeping for hours. Before lunch is also a great time to have a piece of fruit. In contrast, eating fruit before bed is basically like eating a sugary snack before trying to go to sleep.

In general, eat it when you want a boost, and then wait an hour or two before eating something else to avoid bloating.

Trust me, eating fruit will always be a better option than those chemical-filled Five Hour Energy shot things.

Having fruit at some point during the day is better than never touching it, but there's always room for improvement. Make what you eat work for you and keep snacking smarter.

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