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Ayesha Curry Teaches You How To Work Out With Your BFF

Summer might be over, but it's still important to get it right, get it tight. I'm talking about FITNESS, people!

There's always a reason to be in shape, whether it's wanting to feel confident in a cute Halloween costume, or preemptively offsetting the pounds you're probably going to put on once the holidays hit. But let's be honest. We all need a little motivation to work out. Sometimes, a motivational dream board and positive mantras just aren't enough, so that's when you call in a trusted friend to help you hit the gym.

Partner workouts are a fun, efficient way to get your exercise in while spending quality time with your best pals. Fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer sums it up best:

"Partner workouts are really good because [they] hold you accountable so you can't skip a rep. It's about having fun and not being so serious."

Um, sign me up!

In this video, celebrity chef and lifestyle queen Ayesha Curry teams with Nicole for a BFF workout sesh. They start with an exercise called the "Partner Bridge." It's an exercise that might seem intimidating, but Ayesha and Nicole break it down into a few surprisingly simple steps. It's part pelvic workout, and part can-can dance.

After the Partner Bridge, Ayesha and Nicole tackle a variety of exercises that are twists on traditional ones you've probably done before. From working out your lower abs to enhancing your booty, this video covers it all.

Ayesha and Nicole prove that working out with a friend can actually be fun. Think outside the box — you don't always have to sprint up a hill or spot each other on the bench. So, the next time you need a refreshing workout boost, tie back your hair, hit the mat with your bestie and get ready to work it!