Avoid These 5 Cocktails If You Care About Bikini Season Or Whatever


The jury's still out on whether limited alcohol consumption can be incorporated into a healthy diet. But to be cautious, we should probably stick to our red wine regimens -- you know, just in case a bottle a day will help us live forever or something.

That being said, there are some alcoholic beverages we're better off avoiding -- or until at least until beach week. Keep scrolling to learn which 5 cocktails are the worst for your waistline.

White Russian, 270 calories


Maybe the Dude who invented this was bulking up for swole season, or maybe he simply didn't know the hefty calorie content of his favorite drink. Either way, White Russians should probably be categorized as a dessert instead of a beverage. When you think of it that way, 270 calories doesn't sound so bad!

Mai Tai, 310 calories


A traditional Mai Tai has two types of rum, orange juice, orgeat syrup and lime juice. And while that makes for one f*cking delicious drink, you can never stick to just one, which means you'll have full-blown diabetes by the time you leave the bar. That girl may look happy in the photo above, but she's also missing her left foot. Be wise and say bye-bye to Mai Tai.

Piña Colada, 640 calories


You can really only drink these if you have the metabolism of a 14-year-old going through a growth spurt. But honestly, if you're drinking a Piña Colada, you probably are fourteen.

Margarita, 740 calories


What the actual f*ck. A light, refreshing cocktail packs more calories than a coconut cream-laden, alcoholic milkshake?! Excuse me while I go die inside.

Long Island Iced Tea, 780 calories


Because it contains every alcohol in the well, you really can't be that surprised this drink packs a paunch. The silver lining is that you'll probably be throwing everything up anyway after drinking a Long Island Iced Tea, hence fewer calories. Please don't take that as a diet tip though, because that'd be straight-up bulimia and nobody wants that.

And on that note, cheers!

Check out WebMD's video above for the full rundown on why some cocktails are no bueno for your beach bod.

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