Your Anxiety Could Actually Be Making You More Intelligent (Video)

Ah, anxiety. It keeps us up at night, stops us from having a good time and makes a tiny problem feel like a huge deal.

Basically, anxiety is the worst. Or is it?

As this "The Science of Us" video points out, being an anxious person could actually make you smarter.

Studies found people who are anxious -- and even those who have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder -- might actually be more intelligent than their calmer counterparts.

Why? Well, people who are anxious may have more white matter (a component of the central nervous system) in their brains, which speeds up their mental processes.

Plus, anxious people may have better memories thanks to all the time they spend replaying that "stupid thing" they said in a job interview, on a date or in a day-to-day conversation.

Increased intelligence isn't the only benefit of being an anxious person. Anxiety can also help you perform better under pressure and can even make you healthier, since people who are anxious about getting sick are more likely to take preventative measures.

Oh, and anxiety can also help you make friends.

How great are you feeling right now about that mini anxiety attack you had this morning?

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