This Accessory Is Perfect If You Never Know What To Do With Your Phone When You Run

I do one of two things when I go outside for a run with my phone: I either hold it in one of my hands or I tuck that sucker into my sports bra -- and, let me tell you, neither are great options. Holding it is downright annoying, and there is just something about keeping my phone that close to my boobs that feels very, very unnatural. Still, as irritating as it is to figure out where to put my phone when I run, I definitely feel better having the device on me rather than leaving it at home.

So, for longer than I care to admit, I've been on the hunt for a good solution to this problem. And, to be honest, I'd prefer not to wear one of those uncomfortable -- and, let's be real, unsightly -- armbands. They never seem to fit my arms correctly, the velcro rips at my arm hair, and they always feel more distracting than anything else. Can't a girl just get into the zone in peace and achieve a nice, satisfying runner's high without so many pesky distractions?

Praise be to the goddess of jog, for there finally appears to be a solution!

Behold the FlipBelt, the answer to your prayers and mine.

So, the FlipBelt is basically a spandex belt that holds everything you might need while you're outside running, without the whole experience being hella awkward. Think of it as a streamlined version of the fanny pack, except it doesn't sit like a big, uncomfortable bump on the side of your body.

Instead, this puppy firmly and cleanly wraps around your hips, and you can simply slide it on like your favorite pair of yoga pants. The FlipBelt comes in a wide variety of colors, and it can store your keys, money, ID, and phone without being bulky or flopping around all over the place.

It even has an ergonomically designed water bottle you can add on to it! Plus, at $29 a pop, it's not going to break the bank.

Honestly, the greatest achievement of something like this is that you don't have to actually think about your phone when you run.

I think we can all agree that we probably need a little (or a lot) more time to simply not think about our phones, let alone use them as much as we do. Because, in addition to it being necessary to unplug every now and then, looking at your phone can also have a negative impact on your form. 

Dr. Michael Fredericson, professor of sports medicine at Stanford University, told SFGate that looking at your phone prevents you from focusing on your body, which you need to be doing whenever you're moving it. Plus, having your head in “texting position” can cause stiffness and, potentially, injury.

Texting can also interfere with the kind of workout you get due to how much it simply distracts you from getting in the zone. According to a 2016 study published in Computers In Human Behavior, using your phone while you exercise decreases your time spent in a high-intensity workout. So, if you're looking to go hard at the gym, maybe keep your phone out of view or try putting it on airplane mode.

Or, you can just pop that bad boy into your sick new FlipBelt, amirite?