5 Amazon Products Under $10 That Will Melt Your Stress Away In No Time

by Imani Brammer

Stress is lethal, and more importantly, it's silently lethal. Oftentimes, you're the only one who knows what you're going through. With that said, there has to be a way that you can swear stress out of your life, but at an inexpensive price, right? Well, there are, in fact, a few products under $10 that can easily help you handle stress, because we're out here looking out for your best interests, my friends.

Personally, I always say that life is too precious to waste time on being burdened. And we all know stress is definitely a burden. It's not worth your time, especially when there are so many ways to cope with day-to-day menial annoyances.

Trust me, a stress-free life doesn't always require you to break the bank and shell out tons of money. Sometimes, all you really need are the little things you can keep at your desk or in your purse that will engage all of your senses, and really put you in that zone of calm your mind and body are craving. And thanks to the beautiful, glorious invention that is Amazon, finding cheap products to relieve stress is absolutely possible. Take a look at these five gems to melt your stress away at a moment's notice.

1. Restorative Tea


Yogi Tea, Honey Lavender Stress Relief, $3.22, Amazon

When it comes to stress relief, tea is always one of my go-tos. The warmth from the cup feels emotionally nourishing, the slow sipping feels therapeutic, and with this specific Yogi tea, the hint of lavender provides for an aromatic calm.

Besides, lavender is the essential oil of choice when it comes to relieving anxiety and emotional tension.

2. Soothing Incense


Hem Frankincense & Myrrh Incense, $5.45, Amazon

Incense provides you with aromatherapy. Besides, Frankincense and myrhh is great for meditation, as the myrhh withholds sedative properties.

Whenever I walk in a room and smell incense burning, the calm that I feel is almost immediate.

3. Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap, $7.99, Amazon

If you did not pop bubble wrap as a child, then did you really have a childhood?

In all seriousness, popping bubble wrap is not only fun, but it serves as a very cheap (and admittedly loud) form of therapy. A study published in the journal Psychology Reports explained that bubble wrap satisfies the calming power of touch. Kathleen M. Dillon, psychology professor at Western New England College, suggested that keeping your hands busy with something like bubble wrap, or even sewing, can be extremely relaxing.

4. The Stress-Proof Brain


The Stress-Proof Brain, $8.27, Amazon

Now this is really cool. It's a book that teaches you how to get a handle on those unruly, stressful feelings.

If you're like me and you do not fall into the category of the whole “give-zero-f*cks” attitude, then you might need help on how to put a break on your emotional rollercoaster and, you know, balance it out a bit.

Lo and behold, a cheap book that gives you all the answers. Knowledge is power, guys. But knowledge from someone who understands your emotional battle is even better.

5. Essential Oil


Stress Relief Blend, $7.99, Amazon

Again, when it comes to stress, essential oil is your best friend, because it is cheap, medicinal, and compact. You can actually carry it with you as your calming liquid method of choice to fight off those suffocating and tightening feelings of anxiety that tend to lock your happiness in a chokehold every now and then.

Sounds dramatic, I know, but that's only because I know what anxiety feels like. But this essential oil's soothing blend combines bergamot, patchouli, blood orange, ylang ylang, and grapefruit -- all oils with healing power and medicinal properties. Ylang ylang is an anti-depressant, bergamot relieves tension and anxiety, blood orange works as a sedative, and patchouli smells damn good.

Breathe in, and breathe out. It's all going to be OK.