12 Ways To Plan A Ballin' Vacation With Your Friends When You're Broke AF


Once spring fever hits, the deep desire to pack up our bags and jet off to a tropical oasis becomes all too real.

Most of us would trade anything in the world to start this season off by planning a memorable getaway with the squad.

Baking in the sun all week long with a refreshing piña colada in hand, and simply no cares in the world? Sign this chick over here UP.

Simone Anne

We long to be chilling on a cabana by the deep blue like complete and utter queens. But in reality, our wallets have an opinion all their own.

YEP. They're uncontrollably sobbing because they're broke AF.

It seems as though this dream of traveling someplace exotic may not amount to anything but a passionate daydream.

You may not be able to book a two-week-long, lavish vacation to Dubai anytime soon. But all hope is certainly not lost.

Here are 12 ways to plan a lit vacation with your friends when your wallet is looking sad AF:

1. If you have family or friends who own a villa, you can probably stay FO' FREE.

Lyuba Burakova

In this case, you don't have to worry about the cost of paying for a hotel or renting a house. If you can stay in a sibling or friend's dorm room, even better!

2. Check if you have any flight mileage.

Get a travel rewards credit card to earn points.

3. Rent a bigger house if you have a lot of people.

So, you can split the overall cost.

4. Plan who's bringing/cooking which meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, you don't have to drop a ton of cash going out to dinner every night.

5. Check Groupon for all-inclusive package deals.

You'll save a TON of money.

6. Be the early bird when booking your flight, or other means of transportation.

Don't do this last-minute because the prices will only go up.

7. Consider vacation destinations that don't include you traveling too far.


8. Budget your costs BEFORE you get to your destination.

This way, you won't be stressing the heck out when you get there. Instead, you'll be organized AF.

9. Cut back on going out and getting lit before your trip.

So, you can save extra cash.

Studio Firma

10. Book your flight on cheap dates.

Apparently, booking flights on a Tuesday around midnight is the way to go.

11. Pack light, so you can fit all your stuff into a carry-on.

You won't have to dish out extra cash to check in a bag.

12. Consider going for a long weekend getaway, rather than a week-long trip.


You can still have a lit time with your main crew on vacation without breaking the bank.

If you follow most of these tips, you'll be feeding your wanderlust in no time… with absolutely no regrets.