5 Places To Meet A Guy When You're Traveling Alone

by Sheena Sharma

Friends, traveling alone as a woman can be scary. But on the other hand, you're out of your comfort zone, everything feels brand new and the whole world is your oyster... especially when you're single.

I traveled to Europe alone this month! Despite learning abroad that I'd actually make for quite the nightmare girlfriend (oops), I also met a ton of cool people along the way, including cute, foreign, single men, which is a dream for single Sheens.

If it happened to me, it can happen to you, so don't forget to pack your cute clothes. Don't just bring your athleisure and sneakers, because you know you're going to want to live in those clothes with all the walking you plan on doing.

Break out the flirty dresses and espadrilles while you still can (RIP summer). And if you're planning a trip in winter, bring some cute booties and skirts with tights.

The men you meet may not end up being the loves of your life, but at the very least, you'll learn a lot about yourself and about the different kinds of guys out there.

Here are six places to meet a man when you're a woman traveling alone:

An art museum

Not just any art museum, though. Try one where a special, seasonal exhibition is taking place. Going to one with a special exhibit opens up your options because more likely than not, people from all over the world will be in attendance.

Usually, museum-goers are down to chat because they're open to learning about people and about the world. Yes, you'll have to weed out the couples and families with nannies from the single men. And it's going to take courage to talk to them! But, as I said, they're not quick to write off someone who's inquisitive.

During my time in Switzerland, I attended a really cool exhibit on the things people in the world do for money. I met like-minded people and had the opportunity to discuss both fine art and the reason for my trip.

You'd be surprised how easily you can transition from talking about your favorite artists, to where they're from, to where YOU'RE from and all the things that make you, you.

Trains between cities

*Not* to be confused with trams or subway trains.

I'm talking about trains that connect you from Zurich to Munich or from Geneva to Paris. Trust me when I say trains have a ton of single men just ripe for the picking, and they'll probably all have beautiful accents.

Pick a seat next to a guy who's alone and notice your surroundings: What's he doing? Is he reading a book that looks particularly interesting, or eating some dish native to the country you're visiting that you want to know more about?

Ask him a question, like "How is that book?" or make a statement, like "I love that book!" (OK, don't actually say you love that book if you don't, because you don't want to have to crawl yourself out of a huge lie).

Besides, haven't you ever seen the film "Before Sunrise" with Ethan Hawke? If you haven't, go watch it. Two solo travelers meet and fall in vacation love (my favorite kind of love).

Through your Airbnb host

If you're opting for the Airbnb route over a hotel like I did (because I wanted the most authentic possible experience), and your host is down to chill, you could very well meet people through his or her friends.

My Airbnb hostesses were awesome girls. Not only were they willing to show me around town, but they were also willing to introduce me to their close circle of friends.

Many times, those circles will include guys!

A cafe with outdoor seating

Outdoor seating is key here.

It's best to sit outside as much as you can when you're traveling, of course, to breathe in the fresh, foreign air, but it also gives you a view of every man in the vicinity. While outdoors, you're not limited to the guys in the cafe. You can make eyes with someone walking by on the sidewalk.

Here's what I noticed on my solo travels: People in general (including men!) don't shy away from approaching a lone woman who's doing something that makes her look worldly or intelligent. like writing in a journal or reading the local paper.

So put down your phone! Seriously. Stop texting your friends back home, and live in the moment.

Outdoor group activities

Hiking, canyoning, kayaking, bungee jumping and skydiving are all incredibly thrilling activities that you'll probably plan on doing. Outdoor group activities are great places to meet men on top of giving you a chance to get your thrill on!

If you watch The Bachelor, you'll know the dude often goes on dates filled with thrilling, adrenaline-inducing activities. That's because it's actually proven that people who engage in these activities actually grow closer, either by developing feelings for each other or strengthening the feelings they already have for each other. Pretty rad, huh?

You might run into some tourists doing these kinds of things, but tourists come from all over the world. You don't know what kind of group you'll get. That's half the fun.

What better way to meet someone than in a place where you came together through common interests?