8 Movies To Watch When You're Feeling Down About Your Relationship Status

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Netflix is my one true love.

Ask any of my girlfriends, and they can attest to this. I'm kind of on a dating hiatus, and Netflix has been the most perfect fallback boyfriend.

I have a million movies I still need to see while I'm still single (because when I'm no longer single, I'm going to have to fight for the remote with my boyfriend). That being said, I have a million movies I've watched over and over again, and will continue to watch over and over again because they're such classics.

There's something about a rom-com that is incredibly comforting. It's, like, I know I can always go back to it and expect the same thing each time. It'll never disappoint.

It'll always make me feel the exact things I want to feel, even if I've suppressed those feelings for so long because I was afraid to even feel them in the first place.

OK, so without getting too sentimental here, here are eight movies you should watch ASAP because they'll make you feel way better about being single:

"Before Sunset"

I just watched this movie this past weekend, and it truly warmed my heart. It's about these two single people, a French girl and an American guy, who are traveling alone in Europe and meet on a train.

Added bonus: Ethan Hawke is the lead, and he is young and HOT AF.

"The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants"

I loved this movie almost as much as I loved the book. It takes us inside the travel voyages of four different young women, who are either looking for love or in love, and we feel like we're growing up with them.

I'm about to go on a journey myself, and I'm going into it knowing anything can happen.

"Love Actually"

You know why I love this movie? Because it shows love is unconditional, love happens when we aren't looking for it and the best loves are worth waiting for.

It takes us into the love lives of eight different people, and I just love seeing how love can come in many different forms, not just this one form we've all been raised to believe in.

Also, anything with Hugh Grant is a win. Just sayin'.

"Sex And The City: The Movie"

You GUYS, every single girl ever knows "Sex and the City" was a series made solely for single women, so you'd be crazy not to see the actual movie.

I've seen this movie a million times, and it never fails to make me cry, laugh and think critically all at once.

"Sex and the City" can be corny at times, but it's truly a reminder that at the end of the day, there are a million single girls out there just like you.


Yeah, yeah, I know it's a cliche. But, "Titanic" proves something besides a) it isn't impossible for two people from completely different worlds to fall in love with each other, and b) the best loves are the quickest.

It proves it's a million times better to be alone than to be in a relationship that's just plain wrong for you.

Rose was WAY better off without Cal, plain and simple.


This film makes me cry my eyes out every single time.

Angelina Jolie stars as the leading lady, whose son was kidnapped one day while she went to work. I don't want to give away too much if you haven't seen it, but just know this Oscar-nominated movie reminds me family is the most important thing in life, and my single life isn't so bad.


This movie starring the incredible Judi Dench is about a single woman who hires a private investigator to help her find her son.

It's a deep one, so keep the tissues nearby, but it's also amazing to see such a strong, independent woman go through life all on her own.

She reminds me of my mom, who did just the same. (No, my mom didn't hire a PI. She was just a strong, independent woman. That's all.)

"13 Going On 30"

This movie is a straight-up rom-com, and I'm not ashamed that I love it, OK?

Jennifer Garner just has this girl-next-door thing about her, and she makes you remember why being single is actually, at times, kind of fun.

She's on a quest to find this guy from her childhood, but along the way, she lives a million little, fun single girl stories.