Only Ask Someone How Burning Man Was If You Want To Unleash A Monster

by Claudia Fisher

I'd really like to say I can't relate to this video of a borderline unbearable guy returning from Burning Man.

I know the scene is supposed to be exaggerated and make fun of the extreme transformations and epiphanies people claim to have experienced while soul-searching around the playa, but I've also scrolled past tons of Facebook statuses that rattle on like this guy.

They're to the point I'm not sure why anyone who didn't attend would be interested in even remotely skimming the clunky (dare I say self-inflated) realizations.

I think a lot of people are ridiculous in the lengths they go to prove self-discovery and new found perspectives, but before you troll the comments section below calling me a "cynic" (JK LOL, how tame would that be for the internet?), I'm not trying to discount them all.

There are many authentic and sincere accounts in the sea of lofty, spiritual convictions people somehow have developed in just one week removed from life's normal ebb and flow.

And “How was Burning Man?” really is one of the hardest questions to answer.

Even before getting back, I could only describe Burning Man as “indescribable.” You can't summarize what happens there with “good,” “bad” or a shrug and, even if the guy in this video gets a little more worked up and patronizing than I do when people ask about my trip, I (very unfortunately) can relate to the caricature.

So, whether you've been forced to nod along recently to a similar spiel or have been on the other side, guilty of subjecting everyone around you to an endless Rolodex of photos, you'll definitely find some truths in the interaction that unfolds above.