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These Virgo Constellation Tattoos Are So Perfectly Delicate

Good luck not getting all of them!

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Virgo season is here, and as you lovely Earth signs celebrate your birthdays, there’s one gift you should consider getting yourself: a tattoo. I may not be a pro astrologer, but I think a dainty Virgo constellation tattoo is definitely in the stars for you, even long after Sept. 22. A zodiac constellation tattoo is stylish, not super flashy, and undeniably you. You might as well honor the astrological season during which you entered the universe.

The Virgo constellation is the biggest in the Zodiac and the second largest constellation in the whole night sky. However, don’t let that deter you if you’re after a smaller tattoo. Tons of Virgo constellation tattoos only include around 12 or 13 stars at most, rather than the more than 9,000 that actually fall into it. And to put it in clear, realistic Virgo terms, I’m not sure you even have enough bodily surface area for that.

The Virgo stars are most often associated with Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest, and Astraea, the Greek goddess of justice, purity, and precision, according to As a grounded Earth sign, you embody these traits inherently. You are often chasing an ideal and are deeply tied to the material world. And a tattoo of your corresponding constellation is a great way to remind yourself of who you are, what you stand for, and of the world beyond this one.

Given your need for perfection, don’t fret. One of these tattoos will definitely speak to you. Even in the realm of Virgo constellation tattoos, you can get something personal and unique that you’ll love forever.


This beautiful Virgo tattoo with intricate shading and detail comes from Skin Alternative Tattoo Shop. Each point in the constellation details the stars, even showing which are brighter. Just like those balls of gas up in the sky, all of these points are different than the last.


If you aren’t into lines, you can also connect the larger stars with smaller, more delicate dots. It almost makes your tattoo look like a collection of freckles, or like looking up at the night sky and seeing the constellation yourself.


You can step out of the usual box by changing up the stars with something more personal, like a collection of flowers. It’s a unique take on the style, and because you can choose the exact florals you like, it’ll truly be a reflection of what makes you you.


Another floral choice (because who doesn’t like flowers?) is to feature your constellation running in front of a line-drawn flower. If you’re really feeling your Zodiac fantasy, you can go with August’s flower, a poppy, or September's, an aster.


TikTok artist Bailey (@thatgirlwhodoesart) created a sketch that allows you to go as minimalist or maximalist as you like. She starts her design with just the simple constellation but adds in a sun, moon, butterflies, flowers, and Virgo’s symbol.


Put your stars where they belong: in the sky. Whether you love the forest, mountains, or city, having a landscape with the Virgo constellation over it will give you a sense of peace every time you look at it. It’ll also make you feel your strong connection to the Earth.


Add more of the universe to your tattoo by including a wispy background like Nam Xù, a tattoo artist, did. This style also allows you to have even more stars in the piece, as well as add color to the design.


You can also combine the ever-popular line-drawn side profile with your Zodiac stars. It’s a great way to capture the soft, feminine energy Virgo encapsulates.


It doesn’t get much simpler or daintier than this. Since this design is all dots, this tattoo won’t jump out on your skin and will mesh well with any others you might have.


Although these tattoos require no color, tattoo artist Lucky Tattoo added a watercolor background to this constellation. The colors are soft and subtle, mimicking the galaxy itself and keeping the delicate look.