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Taylor Swift Just Dropped The Most Beautiful Merch For The Anniversary Of 'Folklore'

This is my trying not to spend all my money on this RN.

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Taylor Swift has gone through many eras, but Folklore is definitely one of my favorites. Somehow, it immediately takes me to the middle of autumn, watching the rainfall with a steaming cup of tea in hand. Clearly, it spoke to others in the same way. Swift’s eighth studio album ruled the charts at the end of last summer with its ethereal, woodsy sound, and to celebrate its birthday, Urban Outfitters teamed up with Swift on an exclusive Folklore Anniversary merch line. With apparel and accessories featuring lyrics from some of the most popular songs, the Folklore Anniversary collection perfectly captures the soft vibes Swift created.

Urban Outfitter’s Folklore line is out now on its website. The apparel includes a hoodie and two t-shirts, alongside two vinyls and an Evermore cassette tape. Everything is priced between $20 to $75, and trust, the apparel would go fabulously with any cardigan in your possession. The color palette also uses a lot of Gen Z’s new favorite color: brown. With another Red era almost upon fans, now is definitely the best time for you to relax in her more folksy, earthy phase. The leather can wait.

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You’re about to have a new favorite — and super comfy — sweatshirt. The Folklore Anniversary Hoodie ($75, Urban Outfitters) comes in a beautiful, caramel shade and is printed with the lyrics, “I’m a fire and I’ll keep you brittle heart warm.” Sorry, but if “peace” is your favorite song from the album, there’s no way you can pass this piece up. The hoodie has an oversize, loose fit which is always ideal for cool nights where you just want to feel as wrapped up as can be.

The Taylor Swift Crop Top ($39, Urban Outfitters) could not be more perfect for fall. The lyrics “August slipped away into a moment in time” from the song “august” are printed across the chest in a subtle, slightly darker brown color. Breaking this shirt out all year long will let everyone know that you are not only a Swiftie (Taylor’s version) but that you also want it to be summer forever. As I’m writing this in the tail end of August, all I can say is “So true, bestie.”

You can’t go wrong with simply repping your favorite artist’s face and the album’s entire tracklist with the Folklore T-shirt Dress ($39, Urban Outfitters). This piece should fall to a mini dress length (mid-thigh), but you can always tuck it into your jeans for a relaxed t-shirt look. It’s the best of both worlds.

As Swift isn’t going on tour until 2022 — and even then, there are no confirmed dates just yet — you don’t want to wait for the chance to buy a concert tee. Instead, celebrate Folklore’s birthday at Urban Outfitters that celebrates one of the most popular artists of this generation. Granted, it’s already selling fast. You can snag your faves on the Urban Outfitters website, or if you’re in L.A., New York, or Tennessee, you can head to UO Melrose, UO Herald Square, or UO Nashville, respectively, to take a peek at the Folklore Anniversary merch in person.