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Cancel Your Plans — You’re Trying TikTok’s Blushy Under-Eye Trend Tonight

This is the trend of the season.

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I’ll never get enough of TikTok’s beauty hacks. Pretty much every week I’m learning a new skin care ingredient to try or a makeup hack that will change up my life. This week, the viral sensation bouncing all around focuses on recreating a blushy under-eye. (Yes, is about as simple as it sounds.) There’s no need to rush to buy any products or paint product all over your face in new-to-you patterns to make this work because all you need is a little blush and some concealer and you’re ready to roll.

This latest trend started with @paintedbyspencer, an L.A.-based makeup and hair artist. “If you’re not blending your blush to your under eye area, you’re missing out. Just saying,” is all the beauty guru said in his first video. However, after garnering more than 90,000 likes, Spencer explained the ethos behind this hack a little more. “When I work on somebody who has really hollow or dark under eyes, I can use the most full-coverage concealer, the most full-coverage foundation powder, you name it, and, I’ll still get that blueish, grey tone show through. And it’s so frustrating,” Spencer said. “So, by lightly sweeping up that blush, it helps cancel out those blueish grey tones. Think of it almost as color correcting.”

What TikTokers Are Saying About The Blushy Under-Eye Trend

Now, I’m a sucker for any makeup hack. If someone with a perfectly beat face tells me to try anything, I’m going to do it. But, you don’t just have to take Spencer’s word. This makeup trick has already made serious rounds among TikTok beauty influencers. MUAs like @makeupbymonica and @glowwithhava immediately hopped on the trend.

To create their blushy looks, both these creators used a dab of blush with a dab of concealer over it and then blended those out over the under of their eyes. Watching it in real time, I have no doubt it works. Not that you have to take my word for it; the queen of makeup tutorials already approved of the trend. “He’s right tho,” Jackie Aina captioned her video of her blushed-up under eyes.

How To Recreate TikTok’s Latest Blushy Under-Eye Trend

I know I said that you most likely wouldn’t need to buy anything special to make this look work for you, but it is worth noting that, depending on what products you own, you probably can’t just grab the first blush off your counter and go to town. Spencer has some very concrete advice you should follow. “I find it most effective when it’s a pink or a coral or a peachy blush; that’s what’s going to cancel out those tones,” he advised. (@makeupbymonica suggests that a more orange or peach tones works better on darker skin.)

The next “rule” is to stay away from your glittery impulses. Your blush “can’t have any shimmer in it. It has to be matte, because shimmer or that highlighter affect is going to accentuate pores and fine lines,” Spencer said. The last thing you need is to go to that extra work of making your dark circles disappear and then having they just jump right out.

Last but not least, he wants you to know you don’t have to douse your under eyes in blush no matter what your situation may be (whether you’re following this trend for fun or hoping to conceal any dark circles). A little goes a long way for this look.

What Products To Try To Recreate TikTok’s Blushy Under-Eye Trend

You can use your favorite powder or cream blush that you have on deck. However, if you want to try something new, the below blushes would all work to recreate this trend. My absolute favorite of the bunch is Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($20, Rare Beauty). It comes in plenty of colors, lasts all day, and is super buildable. If powders or sticks are more your speed, those will work just as well. Just make sure you get one with a matte finish.