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These Cute & Easy Summer Hairstyles For Long & Short Hair Couldn't Be Hotter

Get ready for pigtail szn!!!

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On the most humid of days, there's nothing worse than the feeling of having sweaty hair stuck to your neck. Even if you hope to spend every day at the beach, you'll still want a more chic or funky hairdo to make your Shot Girl Summer outfits really pop. You don't need to be a hair stylist for a stylish, comfortable, and sweat-proof look — you're looking at someone who views French braids as beyond my skill set — because these cute summer hairstyles are so easy to do on your own.

No matter what your hair type is, frizz is inescapable once summer hits, so there's no point in grabbing your straightener or curler every morning. However, that doesn't mean you can't have fun styling your hair for all of your post-vaccination adventures. There are so many aesthetics out there now that hairstyle options are virtually endless. All you need are you favorite hair products and a few small hair ties — like Beauty 360's Polybands ($4, CVS) — to get you started and you're well on your way to total summer hair victory.

From needing a quick and easy five-minute 'do to getting all glammed up for a cozy rooftop party after you and all of your BFFs have been vaccinated, these easy summer hairstyles are the start of the summer of your dreams.

Cute Summer Hairstyle: Flipped Pigtails

Maria Castaneda's half-up pigtails can be done in just a few steps and require only a little product to get the playful look. It's a great and simple way to get your hair out of your face and add more volume.

Cute Summer Hairstyle: Pick-Up Pigtails

Continuing on with the pigtail trend, @moriahhhr_'s tutorial opts for a sleeker take on the look. The small twists give you a total baddie and graphic Medusa-style vibe without demanding a half an hour of your time.

Cute Summer Hairstyle: A High Bun

When you want to shake things up, Tristina's hack for a chic bun will have you feeling as fresh as if you just got your hair done. It's a great look for when you're craving a break from having your hair surround your face while still feeling totally put together.

Cute Summer Hairstyle: Modern Braid Crown

Short hair can feel super hard to style if you're looking for something that feels more chic than a quick pony, but @kaitnnicolee's braids are a great option. The look feels like an updated, modern braid crown that keeps the rest of your hair out of your face while still letting your beach waves run free.

Cute Summer Hairstyle: Princess Jasmine-Inspired Orbs

@Leilali.n has mastered Princess Jasmine's orb ponytail and turned it into a unique spin on pigtails. The alien-esque style always seemed so out of reach, but her tutorial takes you through each step and couldn't make it seem more doable.

Cute Summer Hairstyle: Wrapped Up Buns

I'm all for just throwing up my hair up and into a messy bun, but sometimes, I feel like it never looks great when it's time to take it down, especially if I've kept my hair up long enough for it to crease. However, Madeline on TikTok elevates her go-to bun with an uncomplicated twist you can take straight from the beach to a garden party. You'll be on time and have everyone asking where you got it done.

Cute Summer Hairstyle: Twist Braids

My inability to do braids made me believe a hairdo like @hairwithjas' was so beyond me. However, the editorial twists she demos to perfection require way less thought than braids and can easily be achieved in less than 20 minutes.

Cute Summer Hairstyle: Space Buns

Space buns have become an instant classic, but @itsdkaybro breaks down how to do them even if you have incredibly curly and thick hair, all the way down to her favorite products. Whether you have 4C/4B hair or not, her tutorial is quick, straightforward, and an absolute must-try.