Belly Conklin wearing a red gingham dress on the 4th of July in 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'.
Here’s How You Can Replicate Belly’s 4th Of July Outfit In The Summer I Turned Pretty

It’s giving red, white, and swoon.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty is all anyone can talk about at the moment. Is Cousins Beach a real place? Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah? These are a couple of the need-to-know questions on fans’ minds. Personally, I’m thinking about where I can get the Summer I Turned Pretty merch — specifically Belly’s outfits, like her dress on the 4th of July.

Though she wouldn’t believe you if you told her, Isabel “Belly” Conklin is a style star; her red gingham mini dress on July 4th proves it. In fact, it’s so cute, fans have been hoping to get their hands on it ahead of the summer. Fortunately, we found it IRL: It’s called the Klara Mini Gingham Dress; it’s made by Aussie fashion brand Bardot, and retails for under $100. The downside: It’s sold out. (Elite Daily reached out to Bardot for restock details but did not hear back in time for publication.) Major bummer, I know, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without a red gingham dress for your own July 4th celebration.

Given how The Summer I Turned Pretty is basically blowing up right now, chances of the exact dress becoming widely available again aren’t all that likely, but you may still be in luck! I spent more hours than I’m going to admit doing some digging and I’ve found some near-perfect dupes for this printed mini dress. The eight dresses below are perfect for channeling your inner conflicted teen looking for love while fireworks paint the sky overhead.

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The Exact 4th Of July Dress Belly Wore In The Summer I Turned Pretty

As I mentioned, this dress is currently out of stock and there’s no word on when it might be back in action. That said, it’s worth having on hand for comparisons if you’re in the market to do some dupe-hunting of your own. The Klara Mini Gingham Dress is made from polyester blend fabric, and features adjustable straps that tie at the shoulder, as well as a lightly structured bodice. It’s fitted throughout and the print is a true picnic blanket gingham.


Red Gingham Slip Dress

It doesn’t get more affordable than this red gingham slip dress from SHEIN. Costing less than $10, it’s the most budget-friendly dupe on this list and features a very similar design — the thin straps, red print, and thigh-skimming length are all near matches — to the dress Belly wore in The Summer I Turned Pretty.


Fitted Gingham Mini Dress

This checker-print mini dress from Mango isn’t red, but it does offer the same fit as Belly’s dress in The Summer I Turned Pretty. While the sleeves are different — they’re a rounded, sleeveless style rather than the ribbon straps — the curve-hugging silhouette and delicate checkered gingham print make this dupe one worth watching.


Tie-Shoulder Gingham Mini Dress

While the silhouette is definitely less fitted, this gingham mini dress from Old Navy has the exact same vibe as Belly’s 4th of July dress. It ties at the shoulder, ends above the knees, and features the same lightly structured bodice as Belly’s dress.


Pink Plaid Cami Dress

It’s a pale pink, not red, but the spaghetti straps and close fit of this plaid dress from Forever 21 scored it a spot on this dupe list. Fit-wise, it’s a close match to the Bardot dress worn by Belly, and the ribbon-tie detail on the bodice evokes the tied sleeves of the gingham original.


Shirred Gingham Mini Dress

This sleeveless fit and flare gingham mini dress from Cider includes the structured bodice of Belly’s dress from The Summer I Turned Pretty with the addition of straps with a delicate ruffled design.


Smocked Ruffle Mini Dress

This Boho Pink dress does a little bit of building on the original Bardot design. The fit and silhouette are almost the same, but there are some additional design details including ruffles along the hem and neckline. The dress is made from cotton instead of a poly-blend, but it also features adjustable straps and a bodice-style top.


Boho Gingham Summer Dress

Unlike Belly’s dress, this one has a bit of flow, but it does have adjustable straps that tie like ribbons, just like the one in The Summer I Turned Pretty. It’s also highly rated with an average score of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. “Material is very lightweight, and the liner makes it not see-through. Pockets too, which is a huge plus!” one happy shopper wrote. “Adjustable straps make it super easy to tighten if needed! Love this dress!”


Open Back Red Gingham Mini Dress

This mini dress from Zaful hits almost all of the The Summer I Turned Pretty 4th of July dress marks. It is slightly less fitted and the gingham print isn’t an exact match, but the overall look of the dress — peep that neckline and hem — is spot on. It’s also under $25, which makes it a steal.